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Dave's Killer Bread Started With a Stint In Prison

You've probably seen it in your local grocery store: loaves of sliced bread lined up with an iconic figure on the packaging who seems to be playing guitar. That's meant to be Dave Dahl, the founder of Dave's Killer Bread. And his company makes some truly delicious offerings of organic whole-grain bread.

?What Is Dave's Killer Bread?

The story behind Dave's Killer Bread began in 2005, at the Portland Farmers Market, when Dave and his nephew brought bread to sell to the masses, according to the company's website. Dave learned how to make "Dave's bread" thanks to growing up in his family bakery, but he didn't immediately move into the family business.

In fact, Dave was in prison for a total of 15 years before he ever started his true bread-making dream. He ultimately decided he wanted more for himself, and the idea behind Dave's Killer Bread was born.

Dave's Killer Bread Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds

According to the company's story, Dave was welcomed back to the family bakery by his older brother, Glenn, and got to work proving himself by making bread "packed with seeds and grains, made with only the very best organic and non-GMO ingredients."

Today, Dave's bread company is a Second Chance employer: a business that commits to employing people with criminal backgrounds. So when you see Dave's Killer Bread in the bread section at your local store, you should know that a whole lot of people got a "second chance" to put it there for you.

What Bread Does the Company Sell?

Dave's Killer Bread has a variety of offerings. From its 21 Whole Grains and Seeds bread, to its Good Seed bread with a "bold" and "sweet" flavor, to its Sweet Oats and Flax bread chock full of organic whole wheat, oats, flax seed mix and so much more.

What's in Dave's Killer Bread?

Basically, these breads are about as healthy as it gets. For instance, the brand's Thin Sliced Sprouted Whole Grains bread has impressive ingredients like organic sprouted whole wheat flour, organic cracked whole wheat, organic cane sugar, organic sprouted grain mix (organic sprouted wheat, organic sprouted rye), and more.

Personally, I like the White Bread Done Right from Dave's bread company. It's got 70 calories per slice, no bleached flour, and 0mg of cholesterol. As far as ingredients goes, it, too, is very impressive. They include but are not limited to organic barley flour, organic rye flour, organic spelt flour, organic millet flour, organic quinoa flour, and organic potato flour.

If you like natural sweeteners, the Powerseed bread is sweetened with organic fruit juice. Its ingredient list boasts everything from organic whole flax seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic brown sesame seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic black sesame seeds, organic ground whole flax seeds, organic rolled oats, organic wheat gluten, sea salt, ...the list goes on.

The real winner on ingredients, however, is definitely the 21-grain offering from Dave's. With unique components like organic rolled rye, organic black sesame seeds, organic blue cornmeal, organic millet, organic rolled spelt, organic brown rice flour, organic amaranth flour, organic yellow cornmeal, organic KAMUT khorasan wheat and a multitude of other ingredients, it really is the bread to try if you've got to pick just one.

Dave's Killer Bread organic breads really have something for everyone, and the company is out here making it for a really good cause.

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