Danny Trejo Attacks Man After Getting Hit By Water Balloon At 4th Of July Parade
Photo By Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty Images

Danny Trejo Attacks Man After Getting Hit By Water Balloon At 4th Of July Parade

I would never say age specifically dictates whether you can kick some butt or not. In this specific 4th of July brawl starring the infamous Danny Trejo, however? The context changes substantially! Let's set the table. There's a video circulating the online airwaves where, apparently, someone threw a water balloon at Trejo's car at a parade in California. I say "apparently" because as far as I know, there's no footage of the inciting incident. But the chaos that ensues? You know I have you covered!

To add another wrinkle to this disaster, TMZ reported that, allegedly, Trejo and his friend confronted the wrong people. I get the knee-jerk anger part of it, but once you hit adulthood, getting into a fistfight has a drastically different dynamic. You fight someone at school, maybe you get suspended for a few days. Heck, you might be able to get away with detention. As an adult, however? Most likely, you aren't physically fighting someone to "look cool."

Nah, adult fighting is different. You're paying bills, or you might be going through heavy relationship issues. When you fight someone carrying that kind of "life weight," people start swinging to hurt you. Which brings me back to the point at the start of this article!

Danny Trejo is an 80-year-old man. One that's tough as all heck and has been through some harsh situations that naturally make you more inclined to fight. But getting dropped by a hook in your 20s and getting dropped by a hook in your 80s are entirely different beasts.

Danny Trejo Causes A 4th Of July Brawl Due To A Rogue Water Balloon

Be honest with yourself. Could that video have gone any other way? Trejo goes to confront someone, hits the wrong person, I suppose, and then goes down in one punch. Now, to be fair, Trejo does immediately get back up. Faster than his friend, even, who seems to be significantly younger than Trejo from a distance.

But, still. Unless you're a buff 80-year-old who still hits the gym and stays physically fit (there are more of them out there than you would think), maybe leave the fighting to someone else in your group. ...I say that, but then the friend who jumped in also went down in one punch. So, yeah. Maybe avoid fighting altogether!