Wrestler Stabs Man In Horrific Gas Station Brawl
(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Wrestler Stabs Man In Horrific Gas Station Brawl

Don't mess with a pro wrestler. As much as you might scoff and call it fake, pre-determined outcomes do not stop them from beating you up. One man learned the hard way from a seasoned veteran in the wrestling industry.

Recently, police arrest former WWE and WCW star 2 Cold Scorpio for brutally stabbing a man multiple times. The event takes place at a Loves Travel Stop in Kansas City, Missouri during the late hours of the night. The wrestler says he works overnight at the gas station as a security guard. He tenses up when he sees a man light up a cigarette inside the store. When Scorpio explains to the man that he can't smoke inside, he gets upset.

Wrestler Claims Self-Defense in Event

Then, the man explicitly taunts 2 Cold Scorpio, asking him what he's going to do and threatening him. Frankly, the man seems ignorant to the fact he's dealing with a crazy pro wrestler. Regardless, the two-step outside where the man tries to grapple with Scorpio. Another big mistake.

Amidst the scuffle, 2 Cold Scorpio pulled his knife out from his pocket and stabs the man a few times. By the time police came onto the scene, the man was a bloody mess. He dozed in and out of consciousness as he bled from his head, chest, abdomen, legs, and butt.

The man denies most of Scorpio's recounts of the event. Once doctors stitch him up, the man recovers later in the day and speaks with the local police. He persistently argues that the wrestler is the aggressor in the situation, not himself. Moreover, he adds that he didn't light his cigarette in the store like Scorpio claims. He says he believes he puts the cigarette fully out before entering the gas station. However, he does relent in saying it might not have been fully extinguished.

Ultimately, police placed 2 Cold Scorpio in jail for first-degree assault and armed criminal action. Naturally, the wrestler pleads not guilty, given he says he's not the aggressor and merely fulfills his duties as a security guard. The local court holds their hearing next month for a final verdict.