Danny and Clyde's Gas Station Po-Boys Are Actually Incredible

Although it might just seem like one of the restaurants featured at several Food-N-Fun convenience stores, Danny and Clyde's is more than that. At least, according to the Yelp reviews for the gas station chain store in Louisiana.

About Danny and Clyde's

According to the Food-N-Fun website, Danny & Clyde's was founded in 1973. Two friends from childhood, Ernest "Big Dan" Danjean and Perrin "Clyde" Rittiner started it together. It started with one location in Gretna, Louisiana, but has since expanded.

"In 1976, an innovative and strategic move was made when the founders opened their first store with a deli," the site noted. "The concept was an immediate success, establishing Danny & Clyde's as the home of the best Overstuffed Po-Boy in the New Orleans area."

Yes, you can get Po-Boys at gas stations in the south, and they're apparently not half bad!

Today, there are five locations across Southern Louisiana, although the convenience stores that house many of them actually number over 20 locations.

Where Are They Located?


Danny and Clyde's is located in Harvey, New Orleans, Jefferson, Metairie, and Mandeville, Louisiana. There are two on Clearview Pkwy in Metairie at 2201 Clearview Pkwy, and 4320 Clearview Pkwy, and they appear to pop up the most on Yelp and similar sites.

It's not clear if the gas station chain will expand Danny & Clyde's food stores to more of their locations in the future.

What Do They Serve?

Danny and Clyde's serves po-boys, platters, muffulettas, boudin balls, salads, sides, drinks, chocolate chip cookies, roast beef sandwiches, hash browns, and more.

On UberEats, the most popular items include the fried shrimp po-boy, the cheeseburger, a traditional muffuletta, the southern fried chicken salad, and a seafood platter. The platter has shrimp, catfish, oysters, and sides.

There are actually quite a few po-boys on the menu, including a hot sausage po-boy, a ham and cheese po-boy, and a fried catfish po-boy.

Some locations also serve breakfast, and items include breakfast sandwiches, breakfast platters, breakfast burritos, etc. If you want a quick brunch before you get on the road, Danny and Clyde's might not be a bad option.

Even their sides and sweets menu looks pretty good! They've got chili cheese fries, cheesecake, spicy meat pie, red beans and rice, onion petals, cookies, and a few other menu items to choose from.

Do you think Danny and Clyde's is worth a visit? We're definitely interested in making a road trip!