This Halloween Dessert Is My Favorite Valentine's Day Surprise

Valentine's Day is a fickle little holiday, isn't it? Most people feel that love can't be bought and paid for, while others just love doting on their partner on February 14. Of course you should show up for your loved ones all year long, there is one thing everyone can do on Valentine's Day to make this day a bit more special than the last. No, you don't have to whip up a big magnificent dinner on a weeknight. All you have to do is make one recipe this year. This is what you're having for dessert.

Damaris Phillips is the star and host of Food Network's "Southern at Heart", after winning Season 9 of "Food Network Star". Though the show ended its run in 2016, Damaris Phillips is now the co-host of "The Bobby and Damaris Show" with Bobby Flay. Hailing from Kentucky, first Lexington then Louisville, Phillips' recipes are inherently Southern and designed for home cooks to easily replicate at home. That being said, her delicious desserts, full of the classic flavors you'd find in most Southern dishes, are perfect to whip up for your sweetheart.

How to Make Molten Red Velvet Cake

So Chef Damaris Phillips makes these cakes for Halloween, but what matters most is that it's a molten red velvet lava cake and how delicious is that? Red is also the color of love, so Valentine's Day it is! To begin, you'll first place a large bowl over a pot of simmering water, creating a double boiler so that you can melt chocolate without burning it. Easy!

She uses coconut oil regularly (not all Southern cuisine has to be covered in butter, y'all!), but you can use a bit of cooking oil and nonstick spray if you have them available. The best part about this recipe is that it doesn't require a stand mixer or a hand mixer, making the time to cleanup even quicker. The red velvet cake batter is divine, getting its color from red food coloring, and the center is a cream cheese filling. Every Southern kitchen keeps cream cheese stocked regularly for dips and spreads, so this is truly a pantry meal!

Baking only for nine to 12 minutes, this dessert really does come together quickly at home. It's best to follow Damaris' direction and use cookie sheets when flipping out your lava cakes. If you're feeling adventurous and want to make dinner, too, try the Engagement Ribeye from the Pioneer Woman. Results are guaranteed.

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