Dale Watson performs in concert during the socially distanced "Songs I Left Behind: A Tribute To Billy Joe Shaver" event at Long Center on November 22, 2020 in Austin, Texas.
Gary Miller/Getty Images

Dale Watson Needs Your Help After Theft of Irreplaceable Guitar

Country singer-songwriter and preserver Dale Watson needs your help in finding a guitar that's been part of his stage show for 30 years.

Watson's black van got stolen on Saturday night (July 16) while he ate supper at Christie's Seafood in Houston. In the process, he lost $14,000 worth of personal belongings, including a suitcase, clothing, artist merchandise and musical gear. One item in particular is irreplaceable for Watson: a telecaster-style guitar that's covered with coins collected overseas before the implementation of the Euro.

"I had all these coins from all over the world, and they were going to be useless - the German Deutsche Mark, the French franc, the Italian lira - all these different coins and I just couldn't throw them away," Watson told Houston's Fox 26. "To me, it's sentimental and reminds me of where I've been."

Though Houston police recovered the vehicle, the rest of Watson's property is still missing. Residents of Houston and surrounding areas are asked to contact law enforcement or Watson if they have any tips or see Watson's one-of-a-kind guitar for sale.

"[The guitar] is like a part of me," Watson told Fox 26. "It's really strange to play a show without it. You can't just buy one in a store somewhere. They're custom-built for you. That guitar has been with me through thick and thin. I've written lots of songs with that guitar. It's pretty special. I hope I get it back."

The Alabama-born and Texas-raised country singer became synonymous in the 1990s with the Austin music scene. His self-described "Ameripolitan" approach incorporates elements of rockabilly, honky tonk and other results of the ever-changing sound of country music.

Watson and his wife Celine own Hernando's Hideway, a historic music venue in Memphis where Elvis Presley and other local legends got their start.

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