Video still from Dailey & Vincent's "If I Die A Drinkin"

Dailey & Vincent's Perform Vince Gill and Ashley Monroe-Penned 'If I Die A Drinkin' at the Opry [Video Premiere]

Bluegrass group Dailey & Vincent released their debut country album, Let's Sing Some Country, last year. Now, they're sharing a stripped-down performance of the haunting "If I Die A Drinkin" inside one of country music's most hallowed halls: the Grand Ole Opry House. For the video series Let's Sing Some Country! At the Opry with Dailey & Vincent, the Opry members showcased the venue as few have experienced it: with no one in attendance. From the low-lit Opry stage, the acclaimed artists share a chilling rendition of the song,  penned by Vince Gill and Ashley Monroe.

"The message of this song has you on the edge of your seat, wondering how things are going to end up for the subject of the song," Jamie Dailey says. "When Vince played us this song, we were enamored. We knew we had to record it for our album, and we're so happy we did." 

Darrin Vincent says the group sought out to capture the mood and message of the song through a video that showcased the cherished venue in a new light.

"This is another video we shot in the Opry circle — but unlike 'Feels Like That Again,' this one is stripped down," Vincent says. "I think the mood of the song calls for that, and the low lighting of the Opry house really speaks to the essence of the song." 

Watch the video for "If I Die A Drinkin" below.

Dailey & Vincent are on tour throughout March and April. See a full list of upcoming dates here.


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