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Donate Your Crown Royal Bag and Help Support the Troops

If you're a fan of Crown Royal from Seagram and you want to support the troops, you're in luck, because the whisky brand lets you do so in a very special way. These iconic purple bags that a bottle of Crown Royal comes in can be donated to the Purple Bag Project, an endeavor that allows the company to pack and send care packages from home to soldiers, with a little help from customers who buy Crown Royal whiskey.

What is the Purple Bag Project?

According to the brand's website, "For close to a decade, Crown Royal has worked with Packages From Home as a national charity partner supporting their purpose of sending thanks to troops overseas." Basically, the company has buyers donate their best seller whiskey drawstring bags back so they can use the purple Crown Royal bags to send care packages to troops overseas.

What Whiskey Bags Can You Donate?

Crown Royal has a whole line of Canadian whisky that is beloved the world over, including in the United States. Their website lists multiple flavors, including Crown Royal Deluxe, Crown Royal Black, Crown Royal Green, Crown Royal Vanilla, Regal Apple, Salted Caramel, and more. They even have a limited-edition Crown Royal XR variety and every now and then.

While not all of those flavors always come in purple velvet bags, it can't hurt to ask at a packing event if you can bring other colors, too. After all, upcycling so the troops can have packages from home is the real goal, not so much the color of those care packages. Other colors can also be great for quilting or t-shirts, as Crown Royal quilts are extremely popular on Etsy.

So if you've got some Crown Royal bags sitting around and don't know what to do with them, why not donate them to the Purple Bag Project? After all, it's for a great cause.