Texas Realtor's Creepy Backyard Discovery is Making Headlines

A creepy display was recently discovered at a home in Abilene, Texas, and it's making realtors really uncomfortable.

Someone has created a collage of headshots that cover the side of their backyard shed. The collection is made up of female realtor headshots and an attorney thrown in for good measure. The collage almost completely covers the shed and extends over to the neighboring fence.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the strange collection was first discovered by realtor Tommy Simons. He immediately recognized the women as other local realtors, many of which he had known for years.

"That's kind of weird and kind of creepy," he explained. "According to the police department, he's not breaking any law. I don't like it but what can I do."

The Abilene Police Department reportedly decided the collage was concerning but not criminal.

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There's been no word on who discovered the display or why it was even created. KTAB and KRBC contacted the collage's creator. He apparently didn't understand why it would concern residents but says he plans to take it down.

Fueling the mystery, he's offered to no explanation as to why he put the collage together in the first place.

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Texas Realtor's Creepy Backyard Discovery is Making Headlines