This Huge Beef Bento Box Has 10 Pounds of Premium Japanese Wagyu Beef

Not all beef is created equal. If you've never heard of Wagyu beef before, it's considered the best and most prestigious beef in the world. The name comes from the Japanese cattle that creates this incredibly marbled beef. Those four breeds are Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Polled, and Japanese Shorthorn. While Wagyu breeds have traveled across the continents and created variations with native cattle in places like the United States and Australia, true Japanese wagyu is held to a standard above the rest. That, in part, explains why it's so expensive.

Wagyu beef can also be known by names like Kobe beef, Mishima beef, and Matasusaka beef, depending on the region in Japan. So you can imagine when we heard about a 10-pound box of premium wagyu beef, you know we had to see it to believe. The cuts of meat in this beef bento box come from Tottori Prefecture which, according to sources, was rated at the highest-quality beef in Japan by the official Wagyu Registry Association.

Every compartment of the box is full of beef cuts, along with a portion of Tottori-grown Kinu Musume rice. Wildly enough, this Wagyu beef bento costs 292,929 yen. That translates to about $2,700, not including a sales tax of almost $200. That sets you right on the edge of $3,000 for this meat platter.

Of course this is not designed to be eaten alone, and the huge spread was made for sharing, especially because it comes with Yakiniku sauce, fresh wasabi, citrus fruits, and salt. The Japanese bento box itself was designed and made by woodworking craftsmen with actual wood. The box is just under 24 inches to make 2 feet of Japanese cuisine that meat lovers everywhere would love.

The Yakiniku sauce was handmade using Tottori's whole pears. While Gochikuru says that this a large bento lunch box, this looks more like a dinner spread to us. Are you just dying to slap one of those marbled pieces of beef in your cast iron frying pan or wok? Me, too.

This just might convince you to try Japanese cooking instead of your typical prime rib. Can you believe that this box costs about $3,000?

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