Cracker Barrel

It's Biscuit Heaven Over at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

The leaves are changing to reds and yellows and with it, new foods to eat and warm you up. And no one knows this more than Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. With a limited-time Fall menu, the comfort food restaurant is highlighting their homemade buttermilk biscuits with three new Autumn-inspired menu items.

"For almost 50 years, Cracker Barrel has been serving up our signature, made-from-scratch biscuits with simple, high-quality ingredients," said Cracker Barrel's Vice President of Culinary Cammie Spillyards-Schaefer. "Our 'Tried and True Made New' recipes are where tradition meets innovation, and this unique take on one of our most beloved menu items offers guests new sweet and savory flavors to enjoy this fall."

These new menu items put a southern twist on comfort food classics; who can say no to flaky tender biscuits? The American comfort food restaurant produces over 190 million biscuits a year, making this chain a sure-fire expert on baking up the perfect biscuit. Each restaurant hand-makes their own biscuits using a custom rolling pins and biscuit cutters,  giving the savory treats their distinct shape. The new Fall menu brings the flavor of their southern biscuits to the forefront of the meal.

The first item on the menu is a savory Parmesan Crusted Biscuit Pot Pie which features a freshly-baked buttermilk biscuit topped with a crispy parmesan cheese crust. The biscuit sits on top a mixture of slowly simmered chicken, peas, carrots, and onion and flavored with fresh thyme.

If biscuits for breakfast is more your style, the Biscuit French Toast is sure to tickle your fancy. Homemade biscuits are dipped, griddled and topped with a homemade blackberry topping.

And let's not forget about dessert! Cracker Barrel's new Buttermilk Biscuit Beignets are served with a rich butter pecan sauce and dusted with powdered sugar.

The Fall menu is only available until October 7th, so make sure to get over there before it ends.

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