Farmer's Herd Births Triplets for Second Time, Beating Astronomical Odds

A small calf.

An English farmer was astonished when one of his cows gave birth to triplets, marking the second time that incredibly rare occurrence happened to his herd.

When Joe Collingborn realized one of his cows was pregnant, he did what any loving farmer would do and checked on the calf. When he felt three heads instead of one, he knew this would be no ordinary birth.

"On doing an internal (check), I discovered a head and two front legs, Collingborn told the Daily Mail. "A bit small, I thought, so I checked for twins and discovered two front legs and a head and soon a second heifer calf was on the floor. I went in again and discovered two more front legs with a head."

The calves, which are not identical, were all born healthy. Although, the last one presented a bit of a challenge. That bull calf became stuck and had to be delivered by a vet. Thankfully, all three calves were delivered safely.

If you thought having triplets is uncommon among humans, it's actually much more rare in cattle. Whereas humans have about a one in 9000 chance of conceiving triplets, cows' chance is closer to one in 100,000.

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The truly amazing thing about it though is that this is the second time one of Mr. Collingborn's herd has done this. The first time it happened was in 1983.

Collingborn lives on his family farm that has been operating since 1910 and he raises Holstein Friesians from a bloodline his father started.

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Farmer's Herd Births Triplets for Second Time, Beating Astronomical Odds