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Farmers Rally to Help Grieving Family Finish Harvest

After a tragedy, the community of Decatur, Neb., is coming together to help out one of their own. Joe Penny died after hitting a deer on his motorcycle last year. Naturally, his death put a massive hole in the lives of his family. His absence affected their livelihoods when harvest time rolled around this year.

Thankfully, according to KETV, his friends and neighbors weren't about to let his family suffer another loss. Instead, they banded together and brought out everything they had to help bring in the harvest. They wound up bringing out 10 combines, five auger-wagons and about 18 semis to finish the job.

Naturally, the Penny family is extremely grateful for the help. They understand how important harvest time is to the farmers in their area. They also know they are taking time away from their own operations just to lend them a hand. But, the farmers say they are more than happy to help, saying that he would have done the same for them.

His daughter says that it was Joe's personality and kindness that people will remember the most.

"Many people called him a legend, and to me he always will be, and to our family he was always there for them when they needed him," she told KETV. "He had a really big heart, and I think at the end of the day he would be really overwhelmed with how much he meant to people."

Usually, a harvest this size would take days to complete. However, with all the help the family has, it will take place in just a few hours. The grain is going into semis that will travel to CVA in Oakland, Neb.

While this act of kindness won't fill the hole left behind by such a great man, Penny's family will be able to rest a little more relaxed knowing they don't have to worry about bringing in the final harvest he had the chance to plant.

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