dumpster diving
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This Couple Went Dumpster Diving and Built a Tiny Home for $420

People can come up with some pretty cool things when they decide to go on a dumpster dive. But what one couple was able to do in three months of treasure hunting is astounding. Yes, they were  actually able to build a tiny house for only $420 with the supplies they found.

Naturally, the couple had to visit a lot of dumpsters to find the supplies they needed. Some of their best finds were picked from grocery store or construction site dumpsters. With a little creativity, they were able to construct the home of their dreams.

Now, the couple is able to live comfortably in their home without needing to worry about paying rent or keeping up a huge house.

Obviously, this isn't the lifestyle that everyone would want to live. Still, it's pretty cool to think you could build an entire home out of the things people have thrown away.

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This type of mindset is definitely taking off in countries around the world. Many people find that having fewer things and a smaller living space is both desirable and beneficial. If you think the tiny living life is for you check out some of these incredible tiny home options.

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