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This Old Grain Silo Was Transformed into a Jaw-Dropping Tiny House

When architect Christopher Kaiser and stylist Shauna Thibault first began dating, they used an old grain silo as a storage shed. Upon getting married, however, the two decided to convert the silo into their first home together. The result? A pretty cool cylindrical tiny house.

Because of the silo's size and unconventional shape, the task was a challenge. In total, the home is only 366 square feet.

"There's something about living in a small space that simplifies life," noted Christopher. Living in cramped quarters definitely encourages the purging of excessive or unnecessary belongings.

The newlyweds have made the most of the silo's small area. On the first floor is the kitchen and dining area, and upstairs is an inviting sleeping loft. The happy couple was even able to have twelve people over for a holiday dinner and said that hosting them was no problem.

Take a tour of the unique home in the video below.

While the Pheonix, Ariz. house is small, the property has lots of outdoor space. The yard provides plenty of room for entertaining. Also, how cool is that outdoor shower?

The home truly seems to fit the couple's personality. It's also a great reminder that downsizing is probably easier than we think.

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