10 Country Records You Might Own That Are Worth Good Money

Have you been hanging onto some old country and western vinyl records? Well, you might be in possession of something worth way more than you realize. While most popular records aren't going to get you more than $25 if you try to sell them, there are some rare ones that could score you up to $1,000.

Thanks to VinylBeat, we've compiled a list of some of the rare country records that are worth the most money.

Waylon Jennings', At J.D.'s -- $300 - $400

Waylon Jennings', "At J.D.'s"

Bob Wills' Old Time Favorites -- $300

Bob Wills' "Old Time Favorites"

Micky Gilley's Lonely Wine -- $300

Lonely Wine
Micky Gilley's "Lonely Wine"

Marty Robbins' Rockin' Rollin' Robbins -- $300

Marty Robbins' "Rockin' Rollin' Robbins"

David Allan Coe's Requiem For a Harlequin -- $350

Requiem For a Harlequin
Requiem For a Harlequin

Cousin Herb Henson's Trading Post Show -- $400

Cousin Herb Henson's Trading Post Show, Image: Popspike

George Jones' Country Song Hits -- $400

Country Song Hits
George Jones' "Country Song Hits "

Charlie Rich's Lonely Weekends -- $400

Charlie Rich's "Lonely Weekends"

Wild Country's Deuces Wild or Wild Country -- $400

Wild Country's "Deuces Wild" or "Wild Country"

Jim Reeves' Sings -- $1,000

Jim Reeves' "Sings"

Now, don't go running to eBay or your nearest record shop just yet. Check out VinylBeat for more specifications on these particular rare records first. Some need to be limited editions, specific colors and certain stereo and mono numbers.

There are plenty of other records that could be worth a good chunk of change as well. Do you have Nashville Palace by Randy Travis where he performed live as "Randy Ray"? That record is worth $200. There are dozens of rare Hank Williams vinyls that are valued starting at $50. A version of his Sings vinyl is worth a whopping $200. Patsy Cline has a self-titled vinyl released by Decca worth $75. If you have any records by Johnny Cash, Ray Price, Merle Haggard or Buck Owens, it's worth looking into those as well.

Have fun raiding your record collection! And if you decide not to sell, just enjoy the fact that you own a rare piece of country music history!

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10 Country Records You Might Own That Are Worth Good Money