Could Jennifer Lopez Be The Next Artist To Jump To Country Music
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Could Jennifer Lopez Be The Next Artist To Jump To Country Music?

Jennifer Lopez may be buying a cowboy hat and some spurred boots soon, y'all! Before we dive into the rumor mill, I must emphasize: take this news with a grain of salt. Presently, the streets are saying Lopez should move to Nashville and consider making country music! "The streets" actually means "Jon Peters," per the industry veteran's insight on TMZ's Hulu documentary: JLo & Ben: Missed Warning Signs.

Reportedly, Lopez blew through millions of dollars between her and Ben Affleck's expensive wedding and $60 million house. Peters' plan? First, move her to Nashville. Get her cozied up with the likes of Shania Twain and others who may welcome Lopez with open arms. Boom, salvaged career. Just like that! Peters believes in this so much that he's willing to fund the move himself!

"Her career needs to change. I told her manager, Benny Medina, she needs to sell everything and move to Nashville and do a country or western album," Peters said. "It would be a monster, she'd get every young guy. I [told Benny], 'I'll fund it. You don't even need a record company, I'll put up all the money and we'll own it.'"

Jennifer Lopez Might Be Going Country In The Near Future

Look, it's no secret Lopez's union with Affleck is... dicey. She's in danger of losing so much, and it's the job of those in her inner circle who manage her career to try and do whatever is necessary to keep her afloat. However, people aren't stupid.

Some long-time country fans are already upset as they feel like some artists "don't represent the genre." Jennifer Lopez is a heck of a performer and singer. But forcing her into the country scene seems like a recipe for disaster. It wouldn't be organic, you know? Reads like something an insincere politician would do: hop from state to state, adopting outfits, local parlance, and customs so people will be more compelled to vote for them.

It has an unpleasant "How do you do, fellow kids?" undertone. Let the woman replace Katy Perry on American Idol, for goodness' sake! Please don't subject Lopez to something that could very well be ten times worse for her in the long run. Then again, what do I know? I'm not her agent or manager.