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Yes, The Dairy Queen Cotton Candy Dipped Cone Exists

Updated: February 28, 2020.

It's here! The Dairy Queen  Cotton Candy cone is here! According to the Dairy Queen menu, you can order the treat as a small, medium, or large. It's also worth noting that the menu doesn't including the wording, "limited-time" which means this ice cream could be a new year-round treat!

Original article: October 7, 2019. 

Fast food giant Dairy Queen has been rolling out some pretty special ice creams this year. First, the brand introduced Dreamsicle dipped cones for a Summer treat and just as that soft serve came off the menu, DQ whipped up a new concoction: Butterscotch dipped cones. Now, it looks like the DQ has another ice cream creation up their sleeve and it's perfect for carnivals and circuses. Meet the Cotton Candy Dipped Cone.

What is a Dairy Queen Cotton Candy Dipped Cone?

Unlike the famous Dairy Queen Blizzard which is a stuffed ice cream treat with vanilla soft serve and various candies (My favorite is the cookie dough or Snickers), Dairy Queen dipped cones feature soft serve ice cream cones quickly dipped in a candy coating that hardens almost instantly. What you get is a crunchy and soft treat that is almost impossible to resist. Normally you can either order it as a chocolate-dipped cone or a plain soft-serve cone. However, for a limited time, it looks like you can dip your cone in a cotton candy coating. Yum!

However, that's about all the info we have on the new treat. It started popping up on Instagram a few days ago, however every account that has tagged it was located up North in Canada. According to one Instagrammer @RymalRoadDQ, the treat was a tester item and Dairy Queen wanted to see how it fared with customers. Everyone who tried it got to fill out a survey, and if the majority liked it, there's a good chance Dairy Queen will add it to the menu.

So while you can't get a full taste of it now, it's looking like it might be hitting menus soon and we can't wait. Until then I guess we'll have to stuff our faces with some of DQ's other delicious treats like their caramel sundae and Dilly Bars.

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