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Dairy Queen's Dreamsicle Dipped Cones Are Officially Back on the Menu

Update: March 30, 2021

It's back! Dairy Queen recently announced the return of the orange Dreamsicle dipped cone is hitting stores this week along with some brand new menu items including three new shakes as well as a tropical lemonade slush.

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The wait is over, it's officially here! The temperatures are heating up and Dairy Queen is bringing out some much-needed relief with their highly-anticipated addition to its dipped ice cream cone menu. Vanilla soft serve lovers can drive-thru or walk into their nearest Dairy Queen and pick up a new dreamsicle dipped cone.

Word got around on social media that certain Dairy Queen stores were selling tasty vanilla ice cream cones topped with a crunchy dreamsicle dip. The orange dreamsicle cones were only popping up in select locations across the U.S., however, Dairy Queen posted in a press release that during its first day of spring event that diners could enjoy a free cone, including " the NEW DQ orange, creamy and crunchy dreamsicle dip", bringing up the question, "Can everyone try it?". Now, all locations are offering up the new ice cream treat. 


Like chocolate dipped cones, the new dreamsicle dream cone features classic vanilla soft-serve expertly placed in a wafer cone and dipped in a vanilla and orange crunchy dip. And like always, each cone comes with its signature swirl top.

On Friday, June 21, the restaurant is celebrating summer in the best way possible; with free ice cream. Customers who use the Dairy Queen app on their smartphones will be eligible to receive a free small regular cone or a dipped cone with any purchase. This means that a free dreamsicle dream cone could be yours with only a few clicks from your cell phone.

Along with the new dipped cone, Dairy Queen has also added a few new sundae options to their menu. You can now order rich Choco Chunks, crunchy Praline Pieces, and smooth Midnight Fudge to top your ice cream sundaes as well as Summer Berry, a fruity mix of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Whatever you decide, make your way over to Dairy Queen and get an ice cream cone. You deserve it!

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