Cotton Candy Cheese Balls are a Weird Snack We're Bound to Fall in Love With

I'm pretty sure the best part of cotton candy is having a soft snack, but Herr thinks otherwise. If you've always wondered what cotton candy would taste like if it were crunchy here you go! Cotton candy cheese balls are a thing, and honestly, we're not complaining.

We love cotton candy grapes and dill pickle cotton candy, so what's the harm in trying crunchy cotton candy? A customer said they taste like Cap'n Crunch. I'm a big fan of Cap'n Crunch cereal. Those berries are top-tier with Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Herr's Cotton Candy Balls 18 Oz Large Barrels! Flavored Sweet And Crunchy Corn Snack!

Now, before you get worried and think these cotton candy balls taste like cheese puffs, don't worry. They just have the same crunch and texture as cheese balls. If you prefer cheese balls over regular cheddar-flavored chips, I bet you're going to love these crunchy cotton candy cheese balls.

You might have trouble finding these cotton candy-flavored cheese balls at your local grocery store, but you can always buy a barrel on Amazon. These cotton candy-flavored snack balls will be a fun surprise for the cotton candy lover in your life.

It seems like I only ever get cotton candy at Texas State fairs, but this is my chance to indulge at any time of the year. I wonder how long this barrel of crunchy cotton candy will last in my home. It looks like there's about one pound of crunchy cotton candy in this shipment!

I don't know about you, but I think this gluten-free cotton candy snack would make the perfect ice cream topper. The vibrant blue color is making me dream of summertime. I already know what I'm bringing to family gatherings once June rolls around.

After looking through Herr's line of products, I have to say not only do I plan on giving crunchy cotton candy a try, but I'm intrigued by their Creamy Dill Potato Chips. A customer gave it 5 stars and said it's the best tasting dill potato chips they have ever tried!

Will you be giving crunchy cotton candy balls a try? I will! They sound like the perfect Netflix snack.

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