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Dairy Queen's Secret Menu is for Every Ice Cream Connoisseur

There are a few places that come to mind when I think about ice cream. Dairy Queen is one of them and is the perfect stop for a quick, frozen treat craving. Personally, I can't get enough of their Oreo Blizzards. I'm a huge cookies n' cream fan and I think their soft serve is some of the best around! Founded almost 80 years ago with over 6,000 locations worldwide, no wonder Dairy Queen has become a huge fast food restaurant chain that folks can't get enough of. With the number of sundae, milkshake, and Blizzard flavor combinations that are already on the menu, Dairy Queen also has a secret menu. Try out one of these Dairy Queen secret menu items; you might find a new favorite.

1. Frozen Hot Chocolate

I tried Dairy Queen's Frozen Hot Chocolate a few years ago when my boyfriend (now husband) raved about this frozen treat. He warned me that it wasn't on the regular menu and I remember thinking to myself, how are they going to make this drink if it's not on the menu?

Well, it turns out they knew exactly how to make it and I fell in love with Frozen Hot Chocolate. Just ask a Dairy Queen employee if they can make you one. They'll blend together hot chocolate and ice cubes until nice and thick. Then they'll finish it off with whipped cream and hot fudge.

2. Banana Split Blizzard

If you love a classic banana split, Dairy Queen whips up a delicious treat that tastes just like the classic sundae. The Banana Split Blizzard is packed with bananas, strawberries, and pineapple and is nothing but perfect.

3. Peanut Buster Parfait

Even though this secret menu item isn't listed on the regular menu, Dairy Queen has all the ingredients on hand to make you one. Just ask for a sundae with crunchy peanuts and hot fudge.

4. Marshmallow Creme

If you love gooey marshmallows, Dairy Queen has a few options for you to satisfy that craving. You could ask for a Marshmallow Creme Sundae, which is a vanilla soft serve sundae with extra marshmallow creme on top.

You could also ask to have extra marshmallow cream added to any Blizzard or favorite frozen treat.

5. Chocolate Chip Blizzard

If you thought this was just a Blizzard with vanilla soft serve ice cream and chocolate chips, think again! It's actually a vanilla Blizzard with the bits of hardened chocolate they dip their ice cream cones in. Sounds delicious to me!

6. Coffee Blizzard

If you need a caffeine boost and ice cream fix, try out Dairy Queen's Coffee Blizzard. To order one, just ask for coffee syrup in your Vanilla or Oreo Blizzard. Keep in mind that they don't have coffee ice cream, so be sure to ask for coffee syrup.

7. Midnight Truffle Blizzard

This frozen treat was once a Blizzard of the Month, but now it's made its way to the secret menu. Indulge in vanilla soft serve, truffle bits, and dark cocoa fudge. This item might not be available at every location, but there's no hurt in asking.