The Costco Coupon Scam is Making Rounds on Social Media Again

Everyone loves saving money. Be it sales, buy-one-get-ones, or coupons, saving money is one of the best feelings in the world. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is coming up which means loads of Black Friday deals and promo codes. With the influx of people looking on Google for coupon codes, there's sure to be some people looking to take advantage, and the latest is a scam posing as a $75 Costco coupon.

Sorry, That $75 Costco Coupon is a Scam

costco coupon


According to Snopes, a survey was spread on Facebook offering free $75 Costco wholesale coupons as a celebration of its 50th anniversary. Clicking on the link sends customers to a page where it prompts users to share the recurring hoax on their own pages. From there the users are led to a survey where they are asked their name, address, e-mail address, date of birth, and phone numbers. Once that data is input, users are brought to a lengthy survey and then a sign-up page which includes six "Reward Offers" that usually involve applying for a credit card or signing up for some sort of paid subscription service.

Costco was quick to come forward and debut the coupon, sharing it common to see other scams involving the brand and gift cards. "There are numerous posts circulating on Facebook stating that we are giving away $100 to $1,000 Costco Cash Cards to all Facebook users. While we love our fans and members, Costco is not giving away Costco Cash Cards to Facebook users, and is not associated with this program."

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. The internet is a fickle place. If you are looking for Costco coupons, check out your local Costco, go to Costco.com or download the Costco app.

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