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Double Check that $250 Kroger Coupon

Kroger shoppers, if you see a $250 Kroger coupon making the rounds online and on social media, be warned that it is a fake. The grocery store chain has confirmed that the giveaway is not affiliated with or supported by Kroger in any way and that they are working to address the issue.

The fake Kroger coupon claims that the offer is in celebration of the grocery store's 135 year anniversary and says that the store is providing families with $250 off their shopping. It uses the Kroger logo, an expiration date of August 30, 2018, a bar code, and disclaimer language to make it appear as an official store coupon.

Kroger Coupon

Fake coupon posted on Facebook

The Kroger company recommends not clicking on the coupon or engaging with the site providing the phony coupon in any way; if you do so, you're giving the scammers a way to access your data or potentially opening up your computer to malware (software designed by scammers and hackers to get into your computer system and cause damage).

Do not provide any personal information either. Generally speaking, if an online site starts asking for your personal information, even a phone number or address, you should not provide it unless you are 100 percent familiar with the site. Double check to ensure that the site is legitimate, especially if it's something shared with you via social media; for example, you could check Kroger's Facebook page to see if they posted the original coupon.

It's not the first time Kroger has been plagued by a fake coupon scam. A version of a fake coupon has been going around since 2013.

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