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5 Off-Menu Cook Out Milkshakes, Ranked

For Cook Out, the North Carolina quick service chain, the term "milkshake" translates to 40 different flavors served so thick that you'd need the power of a Dyson vacuum to suck it up the straw. From chocolate to watermelon, the Cook Out milkshake menu is extensive on its own, however, did you know that you can combine milkshake flavors to create secret menu shakes?

Consulting Reddit and Twitter, I asked Cook Out fanatics the best milkshake combinations and they delivered with absolute gusto, including a secret shake that isn't even on the menu. These milkshakes are easy to order and it seemed like the employees are pretty used to requests to mix flavors. Obviously, I had to try them all and figure out the best Cook Out milkshake of all time.

Some honorable mentions that didn't make the list (simply because they are seasonal) were the watermelon chocolate chip shake and caramel eggnog.

Strawberry Cheesecake

strawberry cheesecake milkshake

Lyndsay Cordell

While this is technically listed as an option under the cheesecake flavor, it's still a combination of the cheesecake and strawberry milkshake. Made with an entire slice of cheesecake, the slight tanginess pairs effortlessly with the bits of strawberry.

Caramel Cappuccino

Caramel Cappucino

Lyndsay Cordell

This milkshake tastes just like a frappuccino minus the price tag. This milkshake is made with freshly brewed (and chilled) coffee, so if you are sensitive to caffeine, opt for this order in the early afternoon.

Banana Split

banana split milkshake

Lyndsay Cordell

Order this milkshake by name and Cook Out Employees will know exactly what to put in your cup. Combination of bananas, pineapple, strawberries, and a squirt of chocolate.


PB&J Shake

Lyndsay Cordell

When combined, this delicious shake tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Rich and creamy, Ask for a peanut butter, fudge, and strawberry shake when at the drive-thru to try it out.

Strawberry Oreo

Strawberry Oreo shake

Lyndsay Cordell

This is my new favorite milkshake of all time. Sweet, chocolatey, and rich, the combination of strawberry and Oreo is one of the best flavor combinations I've ever had. When the sampling was over, this was the milkshake I grabbed to eat more of.

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