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Underrated Cook Out Menu Items Hard To Pass Up Once You Try Them

If you are unfamiliar with the fast food chain Cook Out, I suggest you visit any Southeastern US State (except Florida) and discover what the hype is all about. Back in the mid-00s, it was a big deal when it finally came to my hometown. I remember going through the drive-thru for the first time with a group of friends and realizing how many options I had to choose from. Their menu includes corn dogs, quesadillas, hot dogs, burgers, barbeque sandwiches, and my mind was instantly blown. Cook Out is bucket list-worthy for sure. I pity the fool who doesn't have access to this all of the time, as the Cook Out menu is filled with everything you'd dream of a fast food place having.

Cook Out's combos are called Trays, which includes a main and two sides, with 10 sides options including chicken nuggets, corn dogs, and something called a bacon wrap. What other fast food restaurant lets you get two sides? This guy definitely gets it

I waded through the myriad of jaw-dropping selections and compiled this list of Underrated Cook Out Menu Items, in no particular order. Don't think about the calories and read on, dear friends. Warning: this article is not for the faint of heart, but if you can tough it out, you'll definitely find some excellent late night treat suggestions. Use this list to inspire your next fast food adventure.

7 Underrated Cook Out Menu Items

White Cheddar Cheese Bites

As a person who suffers the plight of lactose intolerance, I will risk it all for these crispy, melty bites of chewy goodness. In the South, I believe this is the only fast food restaurant with cheese curds on the menu. A recent addition to the menu in the last 3-4 years, they quickly became one of my go-to side orders.

Fried Okra

A vegetable on this list? Don't worry, it's still battered and deep fried! What other fast food restaurant has fried okra on the menu? These are so good and perfectly seasoned  that I have to make myself stop eating them.  This item is only available at a limited number of Cook Outs, so scope the menu with sharp eyes during your next visit.

Cajun Style Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich

If you're in the mood for late night food that you're not going to regret in the morning, this is the sandwich for you. This sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, mayo, cajun seasoning, and North Carolina's pride and joy, Texas Pete hot sauce. It definitely lives up to his chargrilled promise and packs a flavorful punch.

Cook Out Style Hamburger

To make a hamburger "Cook Out Style," it means to add chili, mustard, onion, and coleslaw, a style known in eastern North Carolina as "all the way." Many more foods should be eaten like this, IMHO. You will definitely need a nap after having a Cook Out Style Hamburger because it is a lot of food, but I've never been disappointed with one.

Bacon Cheddar Dog

This hot dog makes me miss the county fair! Topped with processed cheese and an entire slice of real bacon, it almost feels like a caricature of a food, reminiscent of carnival fare only available for annual indulgence. I haven't tried this modification before, but I wonder what would happen if you added chili to the Bacon Cheddar Dog? I'm sure deliciousness would ensue.

Chicken Quesadilla

Cook Out's chicken quesadilla is shredded chicken, cheese, and a tangy sauce wrapped in a tortilla and grilled, etc., etc. Here's what's amazing: you can get this as a side anytime between the hours of 10:30 AM to 4 AM. In addition to a MAIN and ANOTHER SIDE. Theoretically, three quesadillas count as ONE meal at Cook Out. Have I instilled in you the magic of this place yet?

Banana Pudding Milkshake

No, I haven't forgotten the aforementioned lactose intolerance, but this milkshake is so divine that I most certainly would take a sip or two if offered and deal with the consequences later. Cook Out's Banana Pudding Milkshake is my favorite shake. Full stop. The best part is the vanilla wafer crumbles that come through in every single sip. Cook Out Milkshakes are known for being extra thick, so if you're impatient, you can even eat this with a spoon like a bowl of ice cream. This dessert is wonderful either way.

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