Dolly Parton/ Tammy Wynette/ Loretta Lynn
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Cook Like Tammy, Dolly + More With These 8 Essential Country Star Cookbooks

Get ready to fall in love with Tammy Wynette's Husband's Delight and Loretta Lynn's chicken & dumplins.

Have you ever wanted to have lunch with Dolly Parton or sip cocktails with Miranda Lambert? Or enjoy a southern dessert with Trisha Yearwood or Martina McBride? While we may never get invited to the ultimate dinner party, there is a way for country fans to enjoy some of their favorite artists go-to dishes: the country star cookbook. There's a seemingly endless library of cookbooks created by country superstars, from Tammy Wynette to Alan Jackson, who shared the recipes they were raised on. Flipping through a country star cookbook is a listening to some of their most personal recordings — intimate and comforting. But it's also familiar, like sitting in your grandma's kitchen while she makes you an after school snack.

Wynette in particular was known for her comfort foods — cornbread, fried green tomatoes, retro jello recipes that might be best left in mid-century recipe name it, Wynette was the country cookin' queen. As Epicurious reported in their 100 Greatest Home Cooks series, Wynette even cooked while on the road — from her tour bus equipped with an oven and a range.

That tradition has continued in recent years, with artists such as Martina McBride and Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town sharing the recipes that feel like home.

Whether you're an ace in the kitchen or a newbie cook looking to expand your horizons, there's no shortage of country cookbooks to choose from. Below, we've rounded up eight essential country music cookbooks. So the next time someone compliments your cooking, you can tell them you learned from your friends: Tammy, Dolly and Loretta.



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