Comet Cleaner Is the Old-Fashioned Scrubbing Powder Rocketing off to a New-Age of House Cleaning

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Comet isn't an "every-single-purpose" cleaner, but it dang sure is close. Good with fiberglass, won't scratch ceramic tile, deodorizes, and disinfects as it goes. Stainless steel? Fahgetaboutit'. Tough stains or stuck-on soap scum— it doesn't matter. Comet cleanser is an old-fashioned powder cleaning product that's been scrubbing since 1956.

Mr. Clean, Clorox— these brands are like the Infinity Stones of the household cleaner's universe. Comet from Procter & Gamble is right there with them (don't forget Lysol). Use water and a soft scrub, or stick with a tough sponge— however you want to clean, just spread Comet powder cleanser and plenty of water.

Boom. Your countertops are shining like a rocket heading for space.

Disinfectant Comet Cleaner

Comet can be used for a lot of things, but the top five for me are:

1. Stainless steel

2. Fiberglass

3. Ceramic Tile

4. Porcelain toilets

5. Kitchen cooktops

Disclaimer: one place you should never use Comet is on natural marble! P&G also doesn't recommend it for wood.

Comet Cleaner with Bleach Powder 21-Ounces | Scratch-Free | (3-Pack)

Comet lemon-fresh is a thing, but I've always been impressed with the original high-powered disinfectant cleaner. Baby Boomers have been using the antibacterial cleaning power of Comet in place of healthcare for decades. They're still holding strong.

Jokes aside, the disinfecting clean-up ability that Comet has on both delicate surfaces and harder ones is pretty timeless. Don't be mistaken: this is bleach powder. If chemical surfactants are your preference, then get to spreading this disinfectant cleanser around.

The Comet compound is made to be non-scratch, which means your steel and glass cooktops are about to get a good, safe scrubbing. Sprinkle Comet overtop of your appliances, then wet and wipe clean.

After you've got the kitchen cleaned, head on down to the bathroom. Your toilet and other porcelain places need some love. Scrubbing them with a good brush and Comet will disinfect your bathroom as few other products can.

Comet Cleaner with Bleach Powder 21-Ounces | Scratch-Free | (3-Pack)

You'd think a bleach powder cleaner would have a certain smell, and you're right. Comet's smell is a fresh scent, and it's both deodorizing and stings the nostrils a little bit. That's how you know it's working.

If you've got a high-traffic bathroom, fill a spray bottle of water and go to town with this multi-purpose surface cleaner. Spread the powder across the porcelain toilet bowl and stainless steel faucets. Use it to mop up on tile and linoleum. I've never used it on glass, but other than that, it's an all-in-one bathroom cleaner.

If powder cleaners aren't your thing, the Comet family has a 32 fl oz spray bottle option as well. Check out more Comet cleaners today. It can scrub just about anything!