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$20 Baseboard Cleaning Tool Has Over 10,000 Ratings & Makes Scrubbing Molding a Fun Chore

We are closing in on the halfway point of the spring season. If you haven't started spring cleaning yet, there is still time to start. One aspect of home cleaning that is often overlooked is the molding around your home. While there are plenty of great products to help you scrub, a good baseboard cleaner is irreplaceable!

Now, I love cleaning, but I absolutely despise doing the baseboards. Freshening the carpet with a vacuum cleaner or dusting the ceiling fans are easy tasks— it's the stooping and digging into crevices that drives me bonkers. Save that sort of strain for the garden with these tips and products for dirty baseboards.

Best Baseboard Cleaners

The list of cleaning tips that can help you get the grime out of your home's nooks and crannies is as long as a pharmacy receipt. However, it all comes down to having the right cleaning supplies. Sometimes, all you need is dish soap and warm water. Other times, you want a sweeper that can deep clean while you stand straight up.

1. Baseboard Buddy - Baseboard & Molding Cleaning Tool! Includes 1 Baseboard Buddy and 3 Reusable Cleaning Pads, As Seen on TV

Enter the Baseboard Buddy. This thing will make your cleaning routine a breeze (protecting your back, neck, and knees in the process).

Baseboard Buddy looks like it learned contouring from a YouTube star: the brush attachment fits snuggly into your molding, leaving only clean walls behind. Although it doesn't have bristles, a 360-degree swivel allows you to scrub away grimy buildup with ease.

Best of all, the Buddy tool has range. There is a long handle so that you can reach high places and a collapsible mode so you can use it as a hand duster to clean up living room furniture.

2. Magic Window Groove Cleaning Brush Prime Tools Set Car Window Cleaner Brush Baseboard Cleaner Tool with Handle for Door, Window Slides and Gaps (8 pcs)

Another great tool for reaching the cracks around your baseboards (and beyond) is the Magic Window Groove Brush. The scouring tool is primo for hard-to-reach places like your baseboards, but it's also great for DIY cleaning windowsills and door gaps.

3. Baseboard Buddy 10 Pack of Microfiber Cloth Replacement Pads

Cleaning baseboards does not have to be a wasteful activity. Thankfully, Baseboard Buddy has considered that with these washable pads. The pads' textured fibers are the cleaning hack of the century.

These microfiber pads fit directly on your Baseboard Buddy. They can be used dry to trap dust or wet to scrub out scuffs. All you need is a good spray cleaner, like the Zep solution below.

4. Zep Foaming Wall Cleaning Solution ZUFWC18 (Pack of 2) - Clean baseboards without damaging paint surfaces

Zep's powerful foam solution was designed with messes (and paint protection) in mind. Amazon reviewers rave about the way it cleans off stains without stripping paint. Spray it on your molding and watch it go to town on dirt, grease, grime, or whatever else you need to scrub out!

Start your spring cleaning today with one of these baseboard cleaning tools and sprays. Your home will never feel better, and your back will thank you!

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