5 Coffee Mug Holders For People Like Us Who Can't Stop Buying Coffee Cups

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One of the biggest issues I have in my kitchen is finding a place to store all my coffee cups. Fun coffee mugs add such a fun touch to any kitchenware collection, so I can't just get rid of them. On the other hand, there's never enough cabinet space for all of them to all fit nicely, leaving the cabinets overcrowded and stressful to open. And those who need a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning know that any stressful situation before your morning mug is best to be avoided. These coffee mug holders are some adorable solutions to this issue, allowing you to keep all of your beloved mugs without any of the stress that comes with storing them.

Whether you're looking for something cute and decorative to go on your countertop or if you want some wall-mounted mug hooks to maximize space, this list covers it all. Your overly crowded cabinets can take a break, and your morning brain can stop stressing about how to extract the mug you want from the jumbled mess.

We've put together some of the cutest coffee mug racks and coffee mug trees that will look great on any kitchen counter and will free up kitchen storage that no longer needs to be dedicated to teacups and coffee mugs. Choose yours based on your aesthetic preferences and kitchen needs, or even get a few to have a couple different coffee mug stations throughout the room.

Best Coffee Mug Holders To Keep Your Coolest Mugs on Display

1. The Lakeside Collection Distressed Finish Farmhouse Coffee Mug Rack with Storage Tray

Enhance your coffee bar area with this farmhouse-style coffee mug rack. With six mug hooks for your favorite coffee mugs and a storage tray on the bottom for other supplies, this coffee cup mug holder is a stylish addition to any kitchen.

2. Mug Holder, Countertop Mug Tree, Coffee Mugs

If you're looking for a modern, contemporary mug tree, this mug stand functions both as cool home decor and as a place to store coffee cups on your countertop or at your coffee station. This bronze organizer rack is a space-saving way to store kitchen mugs.

3. Olakee Coffee Mug Holder, Rustic Mug Rack Wall Mounted

Make the wall decor in your coffee station pop with this coffee cup rack. These wall-mounted mug hooks add a cool look to any nook and serve as an effective drying rack.

4. Gourmet Basics by Mikasa French Countryside Metal Mug Tree

This tree stand has a wire basket and mug hooks to store coffee cups and other supplies, like coffee pods, sugar, or creamers. It'll look super cute on any kitchen counter, and it has high ratings on Amazon.

5. The Lakeside Collection Wall Rack for Coffee Mugs

With 12 mug hooks and two wire baskets, this wall rack for coffee cups and teacups is the ultimate holder rack for all your coffee supplies. The black metal design lends to an industrial look in any kitchen or office space. It's a super hip coffee cup rack.

This post was originally published on March 26, 2021.

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