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Cody Jinks Announces New Album 'After the Fire'

At a time when both big label and independent country artists seem to plan multi-year album cycles, Cody Jinks wasted no time following up his July 2018 release Lifers with After the Fire, out Oct. 11 on Jinks' own Late August Records.

Jinks, a former heavy metal vocalist and the leader of a fandom lovingly referred to as Blacksheep, wrote nine new songs for the album. An updated version of "Think Like You Think" from Jinks' 2008 debut album Collector's Item rounds out the track listing.

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The singer's eighth album will arrive while Jinks tours as the opening act for Lynyrd Skynrd's farewell tour, The Last of The Street Survivors. His inclusion on that tour reflects Jinks' appeal to fans of gritty, guitar-driven storytelling and his refusal to adhere to any sort of country star expectations.

"I tried to play the game a long time ago, I tried to do the clean-cut thing," Jinks told Rolling Stone last year. "I talked to some people who wanted to shelve me for a developmental deal, but it just wasn't a route I could see myself going down. Too much hand tying."

After the Fire marks the Denton, Texas native's third album in four years, beginning with his 2016 commercial breakthrough I'm Not the Devil.

After the Fire track list

1. "After the Fire"
2. "Ain't a Train"
3. "Yesterday Again"
4. "Tell Em What It's Like"
5. "Think Like You Think"
6. "William and Wanda"
7. "One Good Decision"
8. "Dreamed With One"
9. "Someone to You"
10. "Tonedeaf Boogie"

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