Bring a Piece of Nostalgia to Your Kitchen With Coca-Cola Glassware

Why do I feel like these are the staple drinkware of local pizza joints and mom-and-pop-diners? Seriously, I feel like anytime I sat down at my favorite restaurants, I was served Coke in a Coca-Cola drinking glass. You know, the Coca-Cola glasses that have the slight blue-green tint to them. Anytime I take a drink of Coke from one of these, it's just instant nostalgia. That's why I need to invest in my own Coca-Cola glassware.

My mother would be joyful if I gave her these for Christmas. I may not know every single food order for her by heart, but I know she always wants a Coca-Cola with her meal. You can find Coca-Cola glasses along with many other collectibles on cokestore.com. Any Coca-Cola fan would be pleased to have official Coke glasses in their kitchen.

New Coca-Cola Collectibles & Vintage Coca-Cola Glasses

1. Coca-Cola Genuine Glass - 16oz

This glass design is iconic. It's the perfect cup for a cold glass of Coca-Cola, filled with ice to the rim.

2. Coca-Cola Diamond Recycled Glass Tumbler W/Straw 17oz.

Take some Coca-Cola on the road with a tumbler.

3. Coca-Cola Genuine Stainless Steel Tumbler 16 oz

This stainless steel tumbler is sleek and stylish.

4. Libbey Coca Cola Coke 16 oz Drinking Glasses Set of 6 Green Tint Embossed NEW

Pour a glass of Diet Coke into this vintage tumbler Coke glass.

5. Vintage 1970s Coca Cola Frosted Stained Glass Tiffany Style Red & Green Glasses

Forget drinking from Coke cans and clear glasses! This stained-glass look is everything a Coca-Cola fan needs.

6. Set of 4 McDonald's Coca-Cola Coke Green Embossed Drinking Glasses 16 oz

The pricing on this glass set is great. Grab all six glasses for $18. There's a cup for the entire family.

7. Lot of 3 Vintage Original Coca Cola Coke 6.5oz Green Tint Glass Bottles

Make a DIY project with vintage Coke bottles. They'd look cute on windowsills and tables.

8. Vintage Libbey Coca-Cola Embossed Green Fountain Glass With Handle Set of 4

Vintage collectors will love the Libbey glasses.

9. 2- Vintage Coca-Cola Coke Indiana Contour Glass 16 Oz Georgia Green Tint #30025

This Indiana glassware set is the ultimate throwback. These vintage Coke glasses would make a great gift for Grandpa.

10. Vintage Green Tint Coca Cola Shot Glass 3'' Barware

Shots anyone? Chase your whiskey with Coca-Cola, of course.

You'll also find a variety of tumbler glasses, shot glasses, and stemless wine glasses in stock. Their plastic tumblers are perfect for commuting! Pour a can of Coke in your dishwasher-safe tumbler, and you're good to go. Customer reviews on Coca-Cola products are terrific. I can't wait to get my own.

I think many others would agree that these genuine Coca-Cola green glasses bring back a lot of good memories. The Coca-Cola logo is iconic. Has Coke been called America's soft drink yet? I'm the biggest Dr Pepper fan in Texas, but I'll still acknowledge how wonderful Coca-Cola is. Obviously, Coca-Cola made an impact if I refer to almost any soft drink as a Coke.

Looking for retro tableware, pint glasses, and vintage Coca-Cola products from the past? Visit eBay.

This post was originally published on November 27, 2019.

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