Clay Aiken Teases Son's Interest in Music & American Idol
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Clay Aiken Reveals If His Son Will Ever Compete On 'American Idol'

Clay Aiken gives a rare update to the public on his family life. The former American Idol contestant joined fellow alum Ruben Studdard in an interview with E! News to discuss whether or not his son will pursue music.

He details how his and longtime friend Jaymes Foster's son Parker used to sing 'all the time.' But he regrets to inform everyone that this isn't what his son is choosing as his career path. "He's chosen a different path," Aiken said, "He has something else he wants to do with his life. And I'm excited for him."

Clay Aiken's Son Has Interesting Music Connections

Aiken goes on to tease that there is plenty of help his son can turn to if he ever changes his mind about a career in music. "My son's got a lot of not only music, but Idol in his veins," he breaks down, "His uncle is David Foster, the producer. So his aunt is Katharine McPhee."

That connection was made when Foster was paired with McPhee as her mentor. That relationship sparked into a connection that still lasts today. They ultimately tied the knot in 2019.

If Clay Aiken's son wanted to make that transition, he'd do everything he could to support him. As he laid out the American Idol connections further, including his close friend Studdard, he stated, Had he wanted to sign up [for American Idol]? Sure. I mean, I think that's what you're supposed to do is support whatever they want to do."

Aiken is eager for his son to showcase his talents in music. But he realized that their passions and their paths may not intertwine in that way. He went on to emphasize, "I think you have to do your best not to make plans for them, because they will always do something different."

If Aiken's son ever decides to follow in his family's footsteps, he won't lack any inspiration and material.  In addition to their Idol performances, Aiken and Studdard were recently unveiled in Fox's hit show The Masked Singer.