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From Classic to Wacky, Here's 22 Mashed Potatoes Recipes to Whip up for the Holidays

If there was to be only one side dish that can't be passed on come the holiday season, it's the mashed potatoes. Think about it: a Thanksgiving or Christmas without perfect mashed potatoes? Who would do such a thing? These creamy, fluffy, flavorful spuds are a carb-filled staple that brings joy to faces and happiness to bellies. It's the dish that completes the meal and has everyone digging in for seconds.

The hard part is deciding how to prep them. You could go the traditional route with a creamy, buttery recipe, or you can get crazy with it and try something new like using miso butter in your mashed potatoes. With so many options, we decided to help by taking some of the work out of the equation for you, and rounded up the 22 best mashed potatoes recipes that would make the perfect accompaniment to your holiday menu.

1. Seriously Amazing Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

When it comes to the holidays, you need an easy mashed potatoes recipe that will wow your guests. No need to look through your recipe box, we give you this Seriously Amazing Cheddar Mashed Potatoes recipe from Little Spice Jar. The key to these delicious fluffy potatoes is all in the mixing. Garlic is boiled with the potatoes, and butter is added in when mashing.

Next, rather than mashing in, sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese are folded into the potatoes, maintaining their fluffy texture. After a sprinkle of chives, this side is ready to be devoured.

2. Creamy Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

You've got enough to worry about when it comes to roasting the turkey this Thanksgiving, the last thing you need to hassle over is cooking your mashed potatoes just right. In this case, it's best to let the slow cooker do all the work for you with this Creamy Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes recipe.

Place your peeled potatoes (or unpeeled for more texture) in the crockpot with some salt and pepper, then let it cook on high heat for a few hours. Next, mash your potatoes and add in all your favorite ingredients like sour cream, butter, fresh grated parmesan cheese and a hearty helping of cracked black pepper. Your guests will never know how easy this was to whip up.

3. Crockpot Three Cheese Mashed Potatoes

With the oven full and the stove burners packed, you'll be happy you came across this easy, cheesy Crockpot Three Cheese Mashed Potatoes recipe. No need for boiling, add either russet or Yukon Gold potatoes to your crockpot along with salt, pepper, broth, and garlic.

Once the spuds are done, mash away, then dump in a mound of gruyere, sharp cheddar, and Parmesan. Along with some milk, butter, and sage, you'll have a winning crockpot mashed potato recipe that will become a new holiday staple.

4. Garlic-Parmesan Browned Butter Mashed Potatoes

How do you up your homemade mashed potatoes game? Why with some browned butter of course! Taking the foolproof combination of garlic cloves and parmesan, then mixing in brown butter will give you a mashed potato recipe that will be a smash. Creamy, savory, and a holiday must, you'll want to try this Garlic-Parmesan Browned Butter Mashed Potatoes recipe.

Chef's Note: If you're using a hand-beater or even a stand mixer, be careful not to over do it. The potatoes won't achieve the right fluffy consistency if over beaten.

5. Paleo Whole30 Mashed Potatoes

Thanks to this Paleo Whole30 Mashed Potatoes, you can keep true to your diet come Thanksgiving and Christmas. Replacing butter with ghee, and dairy with almond milk, these mashed potatoes are dairy-free and gluten-free, making this a low-fat side dish.

Considering there are enough tempting pies for dessert, you can eat least enjoy your spuds guilt free.

6. Colcannon with Leeks and Olive Oil

This holiday season, take a note from those who know potatoes best, the Irish. Taking an Irish classic of mashed potatoes and cabbage - or kale - and giving it a tasty twist, this Colcannon with Leeks and Olive Oil does your mashed potatoes justice. Using some good quality olive oil, sauté the leeks, cabbage, scallions, and garlic in a pan, then simmer in milk.

Next, add boiled Yukon Gold or russet potatoes and mash them in. Come dinner you can top with melted butter and a hint of parsley. If you have any leftovers, which I doubt, they will taste mighty fine the next morning for breakfast.

7. Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes

This Thanksgiving, make the most of your seasonal produce and add some pumpkin to your potatoes. Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes taste gourmet and are easy to make. They require all the normal mashing with the addition of a can of pumpkin.

Oh, and one other secret ingredient, cream cheese. Rich, decadent, and ready in forty minutes, this is the mashed potato spin your Thanksgiving has been in need of.

8. Brown Butter and Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes

When you're out shopping for your holiday menu, the last thing you'll want is a recipe that has 10+ ingredients. That's why you should stick with this tasty, four-ingredient Brown Butter and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes recipe.

Potatoes are boiled until tender, then mashed with brown butter, rosemary, and your milk of choice. Once you've reached your desired consistency, the potatoes are ready.

9. Bourbon Pecan Mashed Sweet Potatoes

It's the holidays, live a little and whip up these Bourbon Pecan Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Better than any sweet potato casserole, sweet potatoes are infused with bourbon, spices, and a hint of maple syrup. They're then topped with pecans for an extra crunch that bring this fluffy dish together.

Chef's Note: Don't overcook the potatoes otherwise the dish will have a watered down consistency.

10. Whipped Bourbon Bacon Sweet Potatoes

These Whipped Bourbon Bacon Sweet Potatoes are what dreams are made of. Boiled sweet potatoes are mashed then whisked, giving them a gorgeous whipped consistency. Then comes all the fixings of rendered bacon fat, bourbon, brown butter, and milk - drooling yet? It's then topped with bits of bacon and sage.

Yep, I believe we have a holiday winner. You may want to make two of these dishes and hide one because there will be no leftovers.

Chef's Note: Render all the fat out of the bacon so the bits are nice and crisp.

11. Bacon Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Cheesy, creamy, and slightly salty, these carb filled Bacon Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes are where it's at. By simply adding in thin, crisp bacon and fresh goat cheese, your mashed potatoes just gained their wow factor. And the best part is, it was incredible easy to do.

12. Cheesy Chive and Bacon Mashed Potatoes

Making individual loaded baked potatoes for a holiday meal can be a hassle, but this Cheesy Chive and Bacon Mashed Potatoes dish isn't. Tasting like a fully loaded baked potato, this recipe has all the fixings, being rich in butter, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, and bits of bacon.

With an extra layer of cheddar cheese baked on top, you won't be able to resist indulging in seconds.

13. Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes

You don't need leftover mashed potatoes as an excuse to make these Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes. Certainly a crowd pleaser for any meal, all you need to do is take your already prepared mashed potatoes and add in your favorite ingredients of choice. Cheese, scallions, bacon, turkey, and even stuffing can be added to the potatoes and formed into pancake.

It's then fried until golden brown and ready to be topped with more cheese, sour cream, or whatever else you like. Dinner, lunch, or leftovers, no spuds will go to waste this holiday season.

14. Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Waffles

When it comes to your waffle iron, think outside the box and make a batch of these Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Waffles. The flavor combo for these waffles are as endless as they are with mashed potato pancakes. One undeniably scrumptious combo, however, is cheddar cheese and scallions.

To prepare the batter, whisk together buttermilk, eggs, mashed potatoes, scallions, and cheese, along with some four and baking soda. Next, pour into the waffle iron and let it cook until golden brown. Garnish with some sour cream, salsa, gravy, or whatever you fancy. When the family gets a whiff of these for breakfast after the holiday, they'll come running back to the table.

Chef's Note: As the consistency may vary, you may have to add more flour or eggs if depending upon whether the mixture is too wet or too dry.

15. Mashed Potato Puffs

These Mashed Potatoes Puffs would make a delicious appetizer for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, you'll want to sink your teeth into these heavenly puffs.

Taking regular mashed potatoes, this recipe amps them up with bacon, chives, cheddar cheese, and topped with parmesan. Baked in a greased muffin pan until golden brown, these bite sized puffs are a holiday treat perfect for snacking. You can stop with some sour cream or dunk into a side of gravy for an extra kick.

16. Fried Mashed Potatoes

Take a cue form your deep fried turkey, and whip up these Fried Mashed Potatoes balls. After all, it's the holidays, who's counting calories?

An ideal appetizer, or leftover snack, roll up balls of mashed potatoes with cream cheese, chives, eggs, and seasoning. Next, dunk the balls in egg, roll in breadcrumbs, coat with flour, then fry. Once they turning golden brown, line them out on a paper towel and dust with Parmesan while hot. Crispy on the outside and oozing withe cheesy potato goodness on the inside, your guest will be fighting over who gets the last potato.

Chef's Note: You can make these ahead of time and keep warm in the oven for up to an hour.

17. Miso Butter Mashed Potatoes

Ditch the mashed potatoes and gravy, and try these umami Miso Butter Mashed Potatoes instead. If you've never cooked with miso, it may sound intimidating, but this recipe makes it really simple.

A paste made out of fermented soybeans, white miso paste is added to mashed potatoes along with butter, milk, and green onions. The result is a savory, umami, fluffy mashed potatoes side that will have your guests raving.

Chef's Note: If you want to add more texture, brown the side dish in the oven for twenty minutes.

18. Garlic Ranch Mashed Potatoes

Easy, yet delicious, everyone will love these Garlic Ranch Mashed Potatoes. Requiring only 5-ingredients, and ten minutes of prep, this is the mashed potatoes recipe that practically does the work for you.

In a Dutch oven, or large stockpot, boil your potatoes until tender. Add a packet of Ranch seasoning, butter, half and half, and then beat with an electric mixer. Once the potatoes are fluffy, they're ready to be served.  See, simple, easy, and damn delicious.

Chef's Notes: If you like your potatoes more lumpy, leave on the skins and mash with a potato masher.

19. Slow Cooker Buttery Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

If traditional, yet flavorful, is more your thing, then try these Slow Cooker Buttery Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes. Red potatoes are tossed in a greased slow cooker and cooked for a few hours. Then, garlic, fresh basil, dried oregano, parsley flakes, milk, and butter are all dumped in. Using a hand mixer or masher, mash up the potatoes until you reach your desired consistency, and these spuds are ready to be gobbled up.

If you're making these for a large group, you can double up on the recipe. You'll just want to increase the cooking time by 1-2 hours.

20. Best Damn Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Whether or not your vegan, everyone including the die hard meat eaters will love these Best Damn Vegan Mashed Potatoes. Requiring only 6-ingredients, these mashed potatoes wind up amazingly creamy for not having cream. The secret? Vegan butter.

That along with chives, roasted garlic, some yukon gold potatoes, and good old salt and pepper is all you need to mash up these fluffy, garlicky mashed potatoes. Oh, and if you're feeling extra fancy, try them with a mushroom gravy. How we do love Thanksgiving classics.

21. Parmesan Truffle Mashed Potatoes

A decadent twist on this classic Thanksgiving side dish, truffle oil is your key to killer mashed potatoes. White truffle oil imparts a richness that your spuds are begging for.

To create this elegant side dish of Parmesan Truffle Mashed Potatoes, boil some Yukon gold potatoes until tender. Next, add in the sour cream and butter, then mash with a potato masher. Then toss in parmesan, white truffle oil, and parsley for a lumpy, decadent mashed potatoes side.

22. Lobster Mashed Potatoes

Nobody makes recipes quite like grandma, especially when it comes to this Lobster Mashed Potatoes recipe. Elevating the traditional creamy mashed potatoes to a whole new level, succulent poached lobster meat is where it's at. The recipe also calls for Boursin herbed cheese, making this dish rich and delicious.

Just be sure when making this dish to use a potato ricer for the hot cream and fold in the Boursin cheese. This will make it extra creamy, and worthy of the holiday table.

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