8 Fun Cinco De Mayo Party Decorations

It's time for a fiesta and no party is complete without a piñata. Cinco de Mayo is here and since most of us are planning to stay home (once again), you might as well make it a fun one. Invite your friends and invite your neighbors. Here are all the Cinco de Mayo party decorations you'll need.

1. Attire

This is not quite a decor, but looking the part is basically a part of the atmosphere. Sombreros are versatile in the sense that you can wear them, or place them around the room for the aesthetic or centerpieces. Feel free to spray paint them to match your colors.

2. A pinata

If there's not piñata, then there's no fiesta party. Piñata are so fun because you get to choose which character or item you want it to be. One of the more popular ones are the donkey pinatas. Not only is a decoration, but it's also a party game that'll get everyone laughing.

3. Fiesta banner


While you are putting up the piñata, go ahead and stick up some festive bunting or Cinco de Mayo banners around the room. This will liven up the walls or backyard and really give the Mexican fiesta vibes. You can even hang some paper flowers to switch it up.

4. Blow up cactus

Some of us don't live in the desert soil you're planning to keep the celebrations outside, grab a couple inflatable cactus balloons or cutouts.

5. Themed kitchenware

Don't put out plain white dinner plates and napkins, and for sure skip the red solo cups. Choose taco-themed kitchenware and plastic margarita glasses.

6. Maracas

Another fun item to place around the room, pairs of maracas have multiple party decor uses. Not only can you DIY this also by spray painting them, but people will be able to use them to rock to some music. Perhaps you might even get a mariachi band going if enough people bring instruments.

7. Food table

Food is absolutely considered Cinco de Mayo decorations. You can always dress up a table with the way food is put together and displayed. Sometimes it's the center of attention. Don't forget the fun table cover, table runner and confetti to complete the whole look.

8. Party favors

Last but not the least, don't forget to send your guests home with party favors. Not only do they tie together the fiesta decorations, but the memory of the time they spent at your party will also stay with them on their drive home.

And that should complete your Cinco de Mayo party supplies. What makes a Mexican theme party so good is that you can use all your decor again. Whether it's a baby shower or a bachelorette, or even a birthday party, a Mexican fiesta party is always so fun! The fiesta party supplies will come in hand more than once guaranteed.

Also, don't forget to set up a fiesta photo booth too! This is a themed party after all!

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