40 Christmas Activities To Create Holiday Memories With Loved Ones This Year

From decorating the tree to prepping the house for Santa.

No matter who you are, there's something special about waking up bright and early on Christmas morning. Maybe you get to enjoy some quiet alone time before heading to a friend or relative's house for a big brunch. Or maybe, you're getting up extra early to set out all the presents for the kids who are anxiously awaiting to see what Santa dropped the night before. Whether you go, go go, or enjoy a slower pace to the day, there needs to be time in the day for some fun Christmas activities. 

Many families have long-standing Christmas traditions, like watching their favorite Christmas movies or baking homemade cinnamon rolls. Maybe even whipping up a batch of Christmas cocktails for the adults while playing Santa on Christmas Eve. Of course, even with all the traditions, kids may get stir-crazy, and you may need a few minutes in the day to prepare for dinner or get the house ready for all the visitors. In those times, having a few easy Christmas activities is a great way to reset the day while taking a few moments to soak in the moment and embody the Christmas spirit. 

  • Dress up in matching pajamas: A Christmas classic is dressing up in matching Christmas-themed PJs. There are sizes for everyone from babies to 100 plus, and even the animals can be included. Make sure to snap some photos.
  • Leave food for Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer: Many families leave cookies and milk for Santa, but the reindeer get overlooked. Kids can decide what they want to leave, but we hear that carrots are particularly popular.
  • Go to a church service: Christmas can sometimes be overshadowed by presents, decorations and food. Don't forget to take time to attend a church service to remind yourself of the real meaning behind the holiday.
  • Track Santa's Sleigh: There are several websites and apps that show you where Santa is flying and when he may land in your area.
  • Visit Santa: The holiday season isn't truly complete without a visit to Santa. Plenty of malls and local stores offer festive photo-ops for little or no charge.
  • Eggnog Tasting: Eggnog is the unofficial drink of Christmastime. Whether you love it or hate it, it s fun to buy a few brands or make your own and host a tasting. Everyone can enjoy non-alcoholic versions or a spiked version for adults.
  • Go Sledding: Yes, you'll need to live somewhere snowy to be able to partake in traditional sledding. There's something magical about using a sled, or a trash can lid, to glide down the hills. Even if you like in a warm and sunny climate, you could still find a hill to slide down.
  • Christmas Day Hike: If everyone is going stir-crazy after presents or before dinner, get outside for some fresh air. A walk or hike down the block or driving to your favorite hiking spot can do wonders for everyone.
  • Play Scratchers: An easy and inexpensive Christmas gift is a Scratcher. It brings an element of fun to the evening, and who knows, maybe the lucky winner will share their winnings.
  • Eat Chinese food: Many families have a tradition of eating Chinese food for dinner. Bring the family out to a full feast, or grab some takeout for a yummy dinner at home.

  • Make DIY ornaments: Even if you have hundreds of carefully crafted ornaments, there's always room for one more. Break out the craft supplies and let everyone make a personalized ornament.
  • Take festive photos: Christmas is the perfect time to take some festive family photos with the whole family. You can choose to take turns taking the photos or hire a photographer for the occasion. Either way, it's great to look back and see how everyone changes year after year.
  • DIY wrapping paper: Instead of spending money on fancy wrapping paper, make your own. The kids can stay busy coloring and decorating paper bags and transforming them into works of art.
  • Write letters to Santa: Kids will especially love writing letters to Santa on or before Christmas. You can print up a colorful template or simply use any paper in the house.
  • Decorate your mailbox: Many people take time to decorate their homes but oftentimes forget about the mailbox. Something simple like some garland or a red bow is sure to brighten the mail carrier's day.
  • Make stovetop potpourri: If you want your home to smell like the season without burning a candle all day, try stovetop potpourri. Simmer a pot of water on your stove and add in vanilla, cranberries, or fresh herbs for a glorious all-day scent.
  • Go window shopping: Many retail stores pride themselves on setting up over-the-top holiday window displays. You can head out at night and pursue the beautiful windows, all while not spending a dime.
  • Read a good book: Curling up with a book and cozy blanket is the ultimate Christmas relaxation move.
  • Play a Christmas board game: Everyone in the family can join in on a Christmas-themed board game, like A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Build a fire: If you have a fireplace, Christmas Day is the perfect chance to light it up. If you don't have one or live in a warm climate, there are plenty of YouTube fireplace videos that'll transport you to a winter wonderland.

  • Sleep under the tree: Gather up the family with sleeping bags and blankets for a night under the tree. Be careful not to block the chimney, to ensure Santa can drop the presents.
  • Cut down your own tree: If you want the house to smell like pine all season long, head to your local Christmas tree farm. You can cut down and tie up your own tree for a fun activity that's also a workout.
  • Make popcorn garland: Both kids and adults will love to string together a popcorn garland. All you need is popped popcorn, a needle, and string to create a beautiful, edible display.
  • Create a window display: If you want to make your home feel like a department store, decorate your windows. You can use festive window clings, window markers, and even festive lights.
  • Make Christmas pancakes: For Christmas brunch, take your pancakes to the next level by turning them into Christmas trees. You can use a tree cookie cutter to cook the batter or give everyone pieces of fruit to craft their own holiday masterpiece.
  • Make paper snowflakes: Paper snowflakes are a classic Christmas diy that looks adorable hung throughout the house. All you need to white paper and scissors to create unique and beautiful snowflakes.
  • Donate used toys: For kids, Christmas is usually the time to receive fancy new toys. With the influx of new, take some time with your kids to donate toys to those less fortunate.
  • Decorate miniature trees: You can find miniature Christmas trees that are perfect for tiny hands to decorate. Supply the kids with some teeny tiny ornaments and let them go to town creating their own trees.
  • Make your own ornament: Provide some felt, yarn, and pom poms and let kids go to work crafting ornaments. There's no limit to the creativity coming from this simple project.
  • Make a door wreath: After you've decorated the inside of your home, take time to make a wreath for the front door. You can use leftover tree scraps or crafting supplies to customize your wreath.

  • Watch a live performance: Many theater groups or churches will put on a Christmas-themed play or performance during the holiday season. If you can't attend one in person, pull up a YouTube video performance to watch.
  • Make a Christmas playlist: Spend some time crafting the perfect Christmas playlist with your favorite holiday songs. You can prep a few days before to make sure you have enough tunes to rock the night away.
  • Sing karaoke: Nothing livens up a party like some good old-fashioned karaoke. Gather everyone around for a holiday-themed singing competition and sing your hearts out.
  • Decorate the tree: It's always special to decorate the tree with friends and family. You can have all the ornaments and lights already set out, while everyone takes turns setting everything up on the tree.
  • Make hot chocolate spoons: Hot chocolate is the perfect Christmas drink, but jazz it up a bit with hot chocolate spoons. You melt chocolate onto either a candy cane or spoon, let it set, and dip the spoon in a warm glass of milk. Feel free to get creative with the type of chocolate and additional toppings.
  • Make a non-traditional tree: Get creative with other items to craft a makeshift tree. Some people have used old books decorated with tea lights to create a tree, while others have crafted trees from toilet paper rolls.
  • Make a mason jar snow globe: There's something magical about snow globes, and it's easy to make your own. Take a mason jar and fill it with cotton balls and tiny Christmas trinkets. Paint white dots on the outside for a snowy look.
  • Make a Christmas charcuterie board: Even if you're serving a full dinner, guests need something to nosh on. There are plenty of ideas for creating a Christmas charcuterie board, complete with plenty of snacks to keep people full and satisfied.
  • Send a letter to a soldier: For many people, Christmas is not spent at home with their loved ones. You can easily brighten a military member's holiday by sending a thank you letter overseas. Check out the Red Cross Holidays for Heroes for help sending your letter.
  • Make mulled wine: 'Tis the season for drinks that warm you from the inside out. Mulled wine is essentially red wine, stewed with fruit, spices, and a little brandy. You can make the wine ahead of time and keep it warm in a crockpot for guests to sip on all night.

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