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Chris Stapleton Joins Charlie Daniels for Gritty 'Was It 26' Duet


Chris Stapleton's studio rendition "Was It 26" from the highly successful Traveller is captivating enough on its own, but add Charlie Daniels and the gritty song kicks up a few more notches.

"Was It 26" was originally recorded by the Charlies Daniels Band back in 1989, which makes a recent duet between the two quite a powerful moment. The performance took place at a recent Daniels concert.

Stapleton begins the song with his haunting vocals, while Daniels backs him on guitar. The raw lyrics tell the story of a troubled youth. Each line reminisces over the years he can't remember as well as the second chances he wishes he could have back.

Watch the captivating performance below.


Traveller is celebrating a big milestone surpassing more than 2 million U.S. sales. The album sits comfortably at No. 2 on 2017's Top Selling Albums Chart. It is second only to his current release From A Room: Volume 1.

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