Hear Morgane and Chris Stapleton's Stunning 'You Are My Sunshine'

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Chris and Morgane Stapleton's haunting version of "You Are My Sunshine" has been a staple of their live set for many years. Now, the duo's stunning rendition has finally been recorded for Dave Cobb's concept album, Southern Family, released March 18.

Many country fans have missed out on the singular talents of Morgane Stapleton, who has stayed at her husband's side from their humble beginnings in Nashville to his newfound superstar status. Although it's easy to take Morgane's incredible vocal talents for granted when placed beside her husband's gritty sound, "You Are My Sunshine" gives her the rare opportunity to shine brightly on her own.

Although the recording is indeed a duet, Morgane's pure and haunting vocals become the centerpiece of the track, which represents the sometimes extreme feelings of dedication that arise from the bonds of marriage. Even when the song evolves into more menacing and possessive feeling, the Stapletons' expertly keep the track from becoming too dramatized.

The duo's breathtaking performance allows the song to stand out among the incredible contributions on Southern Family, which is one of the best country albums of 2016, so far.

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Hear Morgane and Chris Stapleton's Stunning 'You Are My Sunshine'