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Would You Eat Chipotle for 365 Days Straight?

A Toledo, Ohio man is on track to break a record in consecutive days to eat Chipotle. Bruce Wayne has eaten at the fast food chain every day for 369 consecutive days, and he's challenged himself to beat the current known record of 425 days. Once he hits that, he has no plans of stopping. What could possibly motivate him to eat so much Chipotle?

How did it start? Wayne found that Chipotle is in line with his personal weight-loss goals. In an attempt to lose weight and gain more lean muscle mass, this "superhero" wanted to eat more sustainably raised, organic foods. Chipotle's corporate policies fell in line with the Ohio resident's goals. In addition to eating healthier, Wayne claims he has saved hundreds in grocery bills over the past year by eating at the restaurant.

Bruce Wayne, Chipotle Fan

The fast food chain seems to inspire this kind of commitment. Earlier this year, a 25-year old Bellvue resident, David Cunningham, committed to eating Chipotle every day for a year to meet his health goals. He even went so far as to drive up to Canada when his local Chipotle was closed, stocking up on two weeks of burritos (which he froze to keep fresh).

Cunningham was inspired by another man from California who ate Chipotle for 186 days straight, and he knew he could go further. Cunningham found that eating at Chipotle fit his macros diet and he lost a significant amount of weight (and gained his 6-pack abs in the process).

Bruce Wayne (aka Mr. Wayne the Bat) dressed up as Batman on the first day he ate at Chipotle, Halloween of 2016. While he's not eating at Chipotle, Wayne takes care of intellectually challenged adults and makes charitable appearances as his namesake, "Batman."

Check out Bruce Wayne's Instagram account to monitor his progress and cheer him on as he goes for the world record. If he keeps going, we will all see the comic book hero's namesake break the record on December 30th, 2017.

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