A landscape image of an abandoned town in Alabama. The small town was designed as a movie set for the fictional town of Spectre, the setting for the movie Big Fish.
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This Small Town in Alabama is Actually a Forgotten Movie Set

Just outside of Millbrook, Alabama sits a small, secluded island on the Alabama River that holds a special secret. The small town of Spectre was built in 2003 as a movie set for director Tim Burton's film Big Fish, starring Ewan McGregor, Jessica Lange and Albert Finney.

The magical tale follows the life of Edward Bloom, played by McGregor, who encounters a forest filled with mythical creatures.

Spectre, Alabama

 It's been years since the film crews left Jackson Lake Island, but the film set is still standing. Although it's weathered, visitors can still stroll down the main street of Spectre and retrace the steps of their favorite characters from the movie Big Fish.

The line of shoes thrown up by the town's always-barefoot residents still stands at the town's entrance. Visitors have also been adding to the collection over the years.



The abandoned town also holds another charming secret: it's inhabited by a wandering group of adorable wild goats.

Ready to explore the town of Spectre for yourself? It only costs $3 per day to visit the private island, and visitors are allowed to camp overnight. You can find out more information about this incredible destination at the Jackson Lake Island Facebook page.

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This article was originally published in 2017.

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