Indispensable Cereal Dispensers Aren't Just for Continental Breakfast Buffets

If you're a big fan of breakfast and want to up your cereal game, why not consider getting a cereal dispenser for your kitchen? It's a great product for anyone who knows they'll use a dry food dispenser, and these food storage containers will make you feel like you're getting the hotel continental breakfast treatment in your own home. If that's something you look forward to, anyway. Cereal dispensers are best sellers in kitchen stores, and come in all kinds of materials, including acrylic, silicone, glass, and stainless steel. While you've probably seen POP cereal dispensers around, there are multiple storage bins with more features, such as dispensing knobs. Whether you need a compact edition for a small kitchen, or a big one to use as a rice bucket, these dispensers are indispensable.

What Is a Cereal Dispenser?

Cereal dispensers are basically what they sound like. They dole out cereal, granola, and similar dry goods into your bowl without the use of a cereal box and are a great form of kitchen food storage if you're looking to keep your cereal fresh but also seeking a storage solution and portion control.

These cereal storage containers come in a few different varieties. You can get a cereal dispenser set, like a double cereal dispenser or triple cereal dispenser, or stick to the single cereal dispenser if you don't need all that many options in the morning. They can sit on your countertop or tabletop, and you can even find wall-mount versions on Amazon and through other retailers.

Cereal Dispenser

Cereal dispensers are often made of materials like stainless steel and plastic. BPA-free plastic versions are particularly popular! Some brands you'll see pop up online include Honey-Can-Do, Zevro, and OXO Good Grips.

What Else Can You Use Them For?

Dry food cereal dispensers aren't just for cereal, either. They can be used for coffee beans, dry pet food, and as a candy dispenser or rice dispenser, too.

If you need rice storage or grain storage because you don't use either all that much and don't want to leave an open box or bag in your cabinets, these airtight food storage containers are a great solution. The plastic containers are airtight and have a spout for easy access to your cereal or whatever else you need the snack dispenser for.

If a wall mount dry food dispenser or one sitting on your kitchen counter is more than you really need, there are also related products like cereal canisters that will store your cereal with an airtight seal rather than in cereal boxes that can sometimes let the food inside get stale.

Cereal storage container sets are also not that hard to find. You've just got to figure out what kind of dry food storage container you'd rather have: one that simply acts as a food storage box, or one that will dispense your cereal with ease. Grab one and enjoy your breakfast in style!

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