5 Kitchen Sink Organizers That Will Simplify Storing Your Sponge & Supplies

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Kitchen sinks. They are a statement piece of home design because they're one of the most used places in our houses. Around the kitchen counter, standing in front of the oven and the sink is where I feel most at home. The only thing that can harsh my mellow is seeing stranded scrubbers lying around. A good kitchen sink organizer is a must-have.

Whether you've got a great big double sink or you're looking for a space-saving solution to add more storage in your tiny kitchen, these organizer options have you covered. With the sponges in their spot, your kitchen will feel like home again.

Kitchen Essentials for Your Organizer

Without a doubt, you'll need your favorite dishwashing liquid. We're big fans of Dawn and Mrs. Meyer's soap. Even if you plan on using a different brand to wash dishes, it doesn't hurt to have a small bottle of Dawn around. It's such a versatile cleaning product. (It comes in handy getting grease stains out of clothes.)

You'll also need a sponge. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of sponges, so here's what we recommend instead.

The bristles fight bacterial odor, and we all know sponges can get smelly! Plus, I often add diluted bleach to the bristles for light cleaning. I don't know about you, but it just feels way cleaner than using a sponge. You're going to love filling the scrubber with your soap of choice!

Sponges are more affordable, but if you're willing to spend about $6 on this instead, go for it. You'll also love using an extra scrubber to clean showers and sinks!

Be sure to also consider hand soap.

Best Kitchen Sink Organizers

Best Under $20

1. Joseph Joseph 85070 Kitchen Sink Caddy Kitchen Sink Organizer

As far as kitchen sponge holders go, this unit is simple and functional. The small model from Joseph and Joseph can fit a detergent bottle, your dish brush and has a railing to hang small tea towels.

You won't find any fancy built-in soap dispensers here, but you can clean the organizer easily by sliding out a removable drip tray. All in all, this uncomplicated addition will give a little order to your sink without causing a lot of fuss.

Best Space-Saving Option

2. simplehuman Brushed Stainless Steel Sink Caddy with Suction Cup

The simplehuman sink caddy is similar to the first organizer but with a little more flash. As Trace Adkins says, chrome will do that. If you've got a stainless steel kitchen sink, then this is the dish soap holder to match. And, it's rust-proof for extended usage.

Even with that in mind, you can keep this small container out of your faucet's reach by sticking it right onto the kitchen sink wall, thanks to included suction cups. It makes being a human pretty simple!

Best for Drying Wash Cloths & Sponges

3. ICEETING Kitchen Sink Organizer, Sponge Holder with Towel Rack

If your struggle is with sink space rather than countertop coverage, take a look here. This small sink shelf has a tiered towel rack for dishcloths of various sizes and a removable sink tray to catch all that moisture.

It's perfect for use in the bathroom too. The ICEETING kitchen sink organizer is so helpful that I'm holding out hope it will come alive and start doing the dishwashing as well.

Best Under-Sink Option for Cleaning and Cooking Supplies

4. Under Sink Organizer Rack 2-Tier Expandable Shelf, MultiFunctional

So far, we've only been talking about organizing the sink area where we wash dishes and rinse food. But, sometimes there are subterranean cleaning supplies hiding under the sink cabinet that need some straightening up as well. This stackable storage rack is here for that.

As cabinet organizers go, this one has everything you need. It maximizes space by fitting around your pipes and has two levels that can be collapsed or expanded depending on the height you need. It's made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel, so don't worry about it getting moldy with moisture. Actually, just go on and store your stuff without any worries at all.

Best for Drying Dishes & Storage

5. ADBIU Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack (Expandable Dimension) Snap-On Design

Living in a small apartment comes with challenges. Fortunately, this heavy-duty kitchen organization unit adds enough storage space that you might start considering it an open-air kitchen cabinet. Store your cutlery al fresco.

I dig the divider caddies where you can keep utensils, towels, or whatever else you need. Also, those cup hangers? I don't even need additional sink space right now, but this is on my wishlist.

These kitchen sink organizers are only a few of the home organization options out there. Check out more on Amazon today.

This post was originally published on June 27, 2021.