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What is CBD Coffee And Why I Loved Drinking These 3 Brands

Contrary to some more popular resolutions, I am vowing to drink more coffee than ever in the new year. Going forward If I ever hear a WebMD certified health nut preaching about anxiety-ridden caffeine addicts pounding down cups of poison in the morning, I will whip out a mug (probably on a key chain or something?) look directly in their eyes and say, "Well, pour me a steaming hot mug of poison!" not breaking eye contact as I chug the whole thing in one gulp.

I say this facetiously knowing that many studies point to a plethora of health benefits coffee contains. Each cup of joe is full of essential nutrients and has the ability to ward off symptoms of Alzheimer's and even depression for the regular coffee drinker, along with many other benefits. As the cannabis industry keeps growing stronger in the health and wellness sectors, companies seem to be moving away from the typical CBD oils, gummies, and tinctures and working with small-batch coffee roasters to seamlessly introduce CBD supplements to your normal routine.

CBD-infused coffee is able to combat some of coffee's adverse side effects on drinkers, including anxiety, jitters, and stomach pains from too much acidity. I was already a snob about coffee from my days as a barista but had little experience with the benefits of CBD, so I had a lot to learn about how the two interact with each other. I tested some of the best CBD coffee brands in the game to see which brands make the best cup of coffee for homebrewers so you can get your caffeine jitter-free without even going to your local coffee shop.

All of these CBD coffees are available online and ship nationally.

Green Roads Founders Blend Hemp Flower Coffee

Green Roads CBD Coffee

Green Roads

Green Roads is a major presence in the CBD industry with a wide array of products from capsules, tinctures, and topical lotions specific to just about any ailment- they even have a line of CBD extracts for pets!

Their Founders Blend Hemp Flower Coffee advertises being made from high-quality Colombian coffee and infused with American-grown hemp extract. The coffee is roasted in small batches giving each batch its own unique cannabinoid profile and amount of CBD, which they print on each bag.

Green Roads only sells ground coffee, which was already a pitfall as someone who swears by grinding their own coffee beans fresh. The bag I received was however pretty evenly ground and smelled fresh and tart when I opened it.

I followed the package directions of brewing two tablespoons of coffee per every six ounces of hot water in a mesh basket pour-over setup and ended up with a decent cup that left a little to be desired. The coffee reminded me of diner coffee, a kind of sour concoction that lacks the nuances of any of the tasting notes. Instead of the listed notes of nuts, coffee, and caramel, I swallowed each sip thinking it only tasted like coffee. For those who enjoy flavored coffee, however, Green Roads also sells french vanilla and hazelnut flavored blends.

Green Roads did have some of the best CBD experiences, which tamed my hyper acidic stomach even when I was on my third cup of the day. There were no jitters and I was able to focus my caffeine rush on actual work which is impressive given my ADHD. Ultimately drinking Green Roads felt like drinking coffee from a CBD-focused company. Definitely not the worst coffee I've had, but the focus seems much more on CBD.

Willie's Remedy Hemp-Infused Dark Roast Coffee

Willie's Remedy cbd coffee

Willie's Remedy

Willie Nelson has been one of the strongest proponents for the benefits of cannabis way before any states legalized it, and so the music legend's name is already familiar within many dispensaries carrying his high-quality THC products.

Willie's Remedy leans further into producing quality CBD products, including a line of loose-leaf teas and (of course) coffee. Their Hemp-Infused Dark Roast coffee is a blend of Fair Trade-certified beans grown on women-owned farms in Nicaragua and Colombia. The roasted beans are infused with full-spectrum CBD isolate sourced from independent small- and mid-sized American growers to "provide a balancing effect to coffee's natural lift" according to the company website.

I had some reservations having already tried Willie's THC products, which are great but I wondered how much authority he had on coffee. I was pleased to open the bag and find the beans dark and shiny from their natural oils. The coffee beans were also fragrant, another sign of freshness, and I immediately got a rich sweetness while wafting the aromas.

Ground and brewed in the same way as the Green Roads, Willie's Remedy had a satisfying flavor but lacked some of the boldness I crave from a dark roast. Nothing bad but the taste was a little flat, although I would probably buy it again if I ever came across a bag out in public for its calming effects- I found myself well-focused and clear-headed even as I emptied the coffee pot.

Sträva Medium Roast CBD Coffee

Sträva CBD coffee


Sträva Craft Coffee is the only coffee-specific company I sampled from, based in the city that loves its coffee and weed in equal measure, Denver, Colorado. As a coffee company first and foremost, Sträva sells a wide variety of quality coffee, both whole bean and ground, CBD-infused or not, and even sells their blends in K-cups to appeal to any homebrewers.

Sträva is the coffee I would most likely buy again just based on the flavor alone. Even for a medium roast, their CBD coffee is full-bodied. Both the Sträva and Willie's Remedy advertised tasting notes of chocolate and cherry, but I thought the flavor of the Sträva was more outright and I wasn't left wondering if I actually picked up the tasting notes. My partner even commented that the coffee still tasted great cold after they had forgotten about their mug, which is almost unheard of for the straight black coffee drinker like the two of us are.

At 4 mg of CBD per serving, their medium roast had some of the least noticeable physical effects, but I was able to keep drinking it without getting a stomach ache. Sträva also sells coffee with higher doses of CBD extract to keep everyone calm and focused with their morning brew.

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