Carrie Underwood
YouTube/Carrie Underwood

See Carrie Underwood's Poignant, Powerful New Video for 'Cry Pretty'

When Carrie Underwood released her new single on April 11, listeners were blown away by her vulnerability and astonishingly powerful vocals on "Cry Pretty." At the time of the lyric video's release, the only image the of Underwood was a glimpse of her holding a mic with glittery tears rolling down her cheeks. Now, fans have a whole new series of images to associate with the track thanks to her music video.

In the video, Underwood performs for a huge crowd with her tears encrusted in glitter, but while she's alone, her tears are a less dressed-up mascara mess.

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While the music video shows Carrie Underwood as a celebrity, it also shows her feeling alone in a crowd and enduring the pressure of keeping on a happy face, something everyone can relate to. Even though it would be refreshing to see a stunning star like Underwood "ugly crying" like the rest of us, the lyrics of "Cry Pretty" don't have to be taken so literally. "You can't cry pretty" goes beyond physical attractiveness and reflects emotional rawness that isn't pleasant.

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