Can You Spot What's Wrong With This House?


Building a new home is usually a long and sometimes tedious process. Sometimes, focusing on the minor details can cause you to overlook something obvious. That may have been the cause of this rather strangely constructed house that has one very apparent problem.

Reddit user liquidthc spotted something strange while driving through a new neighborhood and snapped a photo, which you can see above. For some reason, the home's driveway is not at all connected to the garage, making it completely inaccessible by car (unless you want to drive over your front walk).

"They had one job." -- Reddit user Liquidthc

So what caused this bizarre building design? It may have been an intentional choice by builders who needed a place to set up shop.

"This is a model home and sales office for the builder," another Reddit said. "There's no 'cut' in the curb that would accommodate a different driveway. I'm sure they'll add it later when they eventually sell this house to someone. But for now it's not necessary."

Other users chimed in with arguments against this theory, including another Reddit user who claims to have worked as real estate appraiser for 13 years.

"Model homes are there to showcase the available finishes and upgrades, and then they're sold "as is" when the development is close to being sold out," he explained. "Having such an obvious error would only make buyers hesitate as to the competency of the builder and his subcontractors. This was probably a mistake by the concrete guys, or maybe it was discovered too late that the driveway can't come out the front and the house will have to be altered."

Whatever the cause may be, the photo serves as a great reminder to future home builders to always double check the details before getting to work.

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Can You Spot What's Wrong With This House?