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Cam Talks Sensual New Single 'Till There's Nothing Left': 'You Have to be Able to Own That' [Interview]

Nearly five years since the release of her debut album Untamedwhich featured the Grammy-nominated hit "Burning House," Cam returns with dreamy new single "Till There's Nothing Left," an unabashedly sensual celebration of love and desire.

Cam says recording the song, which she co-wrote with Tyler Johnson, Jeff Bhasker and Hillary Lindsey, forced her to come to terms with her initial embarrassment over singing about something so intimate.

"I was blushing a bit, like 'I'm singing about sex right now.' And it's so funny — I had to come to terms with myself. All the guy songs are about hooking up with chicks or more romantic things," Cam tells Wide Open Country. "They're not blushing."

The California native says she found herself drawing inspiration from another strong woman in her life.

"It took me back to my grandmother giving me the sex talk when I was 12," she says. "She grew up on a farm on Saskatchewan. You wouldn't think of her as someone who would say this, but she was just like 'Camaron Marvel, sex is like a milkshake and once you have it, you're always gonna want it.' She owned it."

Cam says "Till There's Nothing Left" was inspired by her relationship with her husband, Adam Weaver. (Cam gave birth to the couple's first child, Lucy, last year.)

"You have to be able to own that, because the song is this declaration of 'I'm giving you everything.' It's very romantic," Cam says. "For me, where I'm at in my life, spending the night up changing diapers with a newborn and realizing I didn't know how much I could love my husband because he's shown up in such a big way during this time. It's a big thing to say you love someone with every sense of the word. You feel comfortable giving all of yourself because you know that doesn't mean you'll lose yourself. Not to make it too heady or anything, but you should be able to get in and describe the sexy part of that too."

"Till There's Nothing Left" is the first single from Cam's forthcoming sophomore album, which is due out this summer.

"It's a very perfect progression from Untamed," Cam says of the new record. "My voice is the center of it all. I'm so proud of that because it's been five years since an album came out and my voice has gotten stronger. It's so fun to have that be the main paintbrush."

"I came from a psych research background and the main reason I love music is the reason I love psychology research," she continues. "I'm trying to figure myself out. Just like with Untamed, there's a lot of different colors and different emotional journeys that you're hearing. It's not just one thing happening 12 times. It's a little kaleidoscope."

Since the release of Untamed, Cam has headlined the Ryman Auditorium, performed sold-out shows across the world and continued to release fan favorites such as "Diane" and "Road to Happiness." She also switched labels (she moved to RCA Records in 2018), which delayed new music. But Cam says taking more time to record new music allowed her to make the album she wanted.

"I spent so much time with these songs and fine-tuning them...I feel so happy with the art that I made — the art that I wanted to make," she says. "Also, I like myself more and I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel comfortable with where I stand. I kind of understand my place a little bit more. I'm doing it how I want to do it."

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