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This Butter Stick Wrapper Trick is Too Genius

Oh, Butter wrappers... you open them and toss them. They're just paper after all. But no, not really. That piece of wrapper actually has many uses. You'd be surprised at how useful it is in the kitchen. Of them all though, there's one butter wrapper trick that is going to make you wish you would have known about it before.

The Butter Wrapper "Save It" Hack

It's safe to say that TikTok was a blessing during the COVID pandemic. Through TikTok, people were able to open their doors to their insider knowledge. What else can you do to pass the time? (Feel free to share in the comments below what you have learned.)

So when one TikTok user shared her hack for butter wrappers, people were like "wut?" The butter wrapper trick is too genius to not bookmark, especially if you are a baked goods goddess who goes through sticks of butter as much as you use cake pans.


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This goes out to all the non-stick pans you are going to use in the future. In the TikTok video, you'll find that you need to simply save your butter wrappers for this hack. Instead of throwing it away, fold your wrapper into quarters and place back into the butter box.

*Pro-tip- Remember to always put the wrapper back in the box, and in the fridge immediately. If you leave it out at room temperature for too long, it may just melt away and no longer stick to the wrapper enough for reuse.

Next time when a recipe calls for a non-stick pan, just take the wrapper out of the box and use that to grease it. Then simply toss it out. In the video, you'll find that she uses it on a stove pan. But these buttery wrappers are good for greasing all cookware, including cookie sheets and parchment paper (if you happen to not trust it to be non-stick enough).

The cleanup is great too because now you won't have your non-stick spray all over your kitchen counter. Honestly, this trick may even make something like veggies taste better. It's definitely a yummy alternative to spray.

If you remember to do this every time you grab a stick of butter, you can stack up on the wrappers for use at any time. Hey, why not use it to butter a cob?

That's it, y'all! That's the easiest step-by-step you'll learn this week. And if you don't have any butter sticks to experiment with right now, get to the grocery store and get some. This trick is basically free. You won't even need to buy aluminum foil or wax paper anymore, because you are going to grease everything with leftover butter from a wrapper.

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