The 20 Creative Ways to Use Wonton Wrappers at Home

A few weeks ago, I went to a Mexican-themed dinner party. All the usual suspects were there: guacamole and chips, ceviche-style shrimp, tacos and tostadas. Then, I saw these adorable mini cups, filled to the brim with meat and vegetables. They drew me in from across the room. "What is that?" I asked my friend. "Oh, they're so easy—I lined a muffin pan with wonton wrappers and baked them to make taco cups."

My mind was blown, and then it was immediately racing with ideas. What else could I do with wonton wrappers, besides Chinese recipes like egg rolls and potstickers? What delicious sweet and savory treats could I fill in these wrappers? This revelation could be a game-changer for entertaining!

What Are Wonton Wrappers?

Wontons Being Prepared

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Wonton wrappers are the wrappers used for wontons, which are a variety of dumplings. These tasty dumplings originate from China and have been enjoyed for centuries, with records dating back to the 1600s. Wonton soup was originally a meal reserved for the rich, but it became more mainstream after World War II. In Cantonese, 'wonton' means 'clouds,' in reference to how the wontons appear cloud-like when floating in wonton soup.

Although wontons were originally a food of China, they became more widespread when Chinese immigrants came to America, opening Chinatowns and spreading the love of their delicious dumplings. Crab rangoons are one of the most popular wonton dishes in the United States, featuring deep fried wonton wrappers with cream cheese and crab filling.

Wonton wrappers are made with wheat flour and can usually be found in the grocery store near the tofu or online on Amazon. If you can't find them, you can use egg roll wrappers or gyoza wrappers for these recipes, too, though you may need to cut them in half or into 3-inch squares. Wonton wrappers have some potassium, vitamin A, niacin, dietary fiber and magnesium among other benefits, plus they're low in carbohydrates.

If you want to switch it up even more, try making our own wonton wrappers. These extremely thin sheets of dough are very versatile and are surprisingly easy to make from scratch. This recipe from Whisk Affair uses 5 household ingredients. Once you've made your homemade wonton wrappers, try these creative recipes using them!

We scoured the Pinterest boards and food blogs to find the 20 best recipes using wonton wrappers. Get ready to entertain with savory appetizers and easy-to-make sweet desserts!

1. Taco Cups

I had to start with the appetizer that started everything - the taco cup! This recipe from Tablespoon is super easy to make—all you need is a muffin tin, some wonton wrappers, and your favorite taco toppings, and it makes 18 servings with a total time of only 30 minutes. Go traditional with ground beef, lean with ground chicken, or healthy with seasonal vegetables. Top with cheese, cilantro and sour cream. You are definitely going to make someone's day with these tasty wonton cups!

2. Pizza Sticks

What's better than pizza? This recipe from Culinary Hill for wonton-wrapped pizza sticks. They're ridiculously easy to make, with only three ingredients that can be fully customized based on your favorite pizza toppings. To make mozzarella sticks, simply nix the pepperoni.

While you can use homemade wonton wrappers, the best are often found in the Asian sauces aisle of your grocery store. Have leftovers? Store in an airtight container, they'll keep for about two days.

3. Mini Lasagna Cupcakes

I love the flavors of lasagna, but it's not exactly a party appetizer kind of dish, especially if you're pulling out the pasta machine to make your own noodles. Enter the wonton wrapper. Turn a casserole dish of lasagna into a one bite experience.

This recipe from Damn Delicious uses ingredients that should be hanging out in your pantry, making this a great last-minute recipe. If you want to make this recipe slightly healthier, swap in ground turkey for beef and enjoy not feeling so guilty about this wonton wrapper recipe.

4. Wonton Pierogi

I'll always spring for pierogis at a food truck or state fair, but I never want to make them at home. They seem so time-consuming. Well, this recipe from Weight Watchers uses wonton wrappers instead of making the bread from scratch.

How easy is that? Fill them with your favorite toppings, although I like to keep it classic with potatoes and cheese. Pick up some spinach in the produce section and wilt it before adding to the filling for a dose of greens.

5. Baked Samosas

Add a little bit of Indian flair to your life with this recipe from Healing Tomato for baked samosas using wonton wrappers. Serve it up with some mango chutney and your guests will think they're at an authentic Indian restaurant!

It's best to use these thin sheets of dough when your filling is dense and starchy because where spring roll wrappers are thin and light, wonton wrappers won't crack with a heavier filling. You can also make them pan-fried if you want extra crispiness.

6. Ravioli

On the weekends, I'm all about making pasta dough. On weekdays, not so much. By using the wonton shortcut, you cut the prep time so that you can make ravioli any day of the week!

Use béchamel sauce or butter sauce for this recipe from Food and Wine to make them taste restaurant-style.

7. Caesar Salad Cups

Take your appetizer game to 11 with these adorable treats. This recipe from Recipe Tin Eats is not only easy to make, but it'll be the perfect way to serve bite-sized salads to your dinner party guests.

While crab rangoon or wonton soup are more common wonton wrapper recipes, this fresh Italian twist is an easy way to whip up a last-minute appetizers for unexpected company.

8. Jalapeño Popper Wonton

Everyone loves the jalapeño popper, but who has the time to shell, stuff, and bake them? You can either make this recipe from The Cozy Cook in a cute cup, or you can wrap them up for a tasty, filled treat. Add some bacon if you don't have any vegetarians in the group (because bacon makes everything better).

These are the perfect holiday party appetizer because they're ready as soon as they come out of the fryer. Still unsure about deep-frying? Check out our guide to the six pots and pans every home cook needs.

9. Cheesy Hot Dog Wraps

This pigs-in-a-blanket style recipe from Cheap Recipe Blog uses wonton wrappers (and cheese, lots of cheese) to add an exciting flair to the humble hot dog. Add ketchup and mustard on the side as a dipping sauce. This might be the simplest appetizer to make since all you have to do is roll them up and put the baking sheet in the oven for 15 minutes, but I have a feeling your guests will be talking about this one all night long.

10. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Wrap

Why not serve breakfast for dinner (or appetizer, in this case)?  Serve this recipe from Shared Appetite with ketchup to remain classic, or go crazy and serve it with your favorite hot sauce because who doesn't love the hot sauce with eggs?

11. Quiche

Let's stay with the breakfast theme for a moment. This will be the easiest quiche you've ever made and forget specialty ingredients, you already have these in your kitchen.

Plus, you can take it down in one bite! Follow this simple recipe from The Recipe Rebel, or swap in your favorite toppings (veggie- or meat-filled, your choice).

12. Smoked Gouda and Ham Appetizer Tarts

Savory tarts are a perfect way to greet your guests, and ham and cheese always hits the spot. This recipe from Taste of Home for cute little tartlets is easy to pull together. Go ahead and make double the recipe, they'll be gone before you know it!

13. Wonton Crackers

Not in the mood to stuff or make little muffin tin cups? No worries, this recipe from Life As a Strawberry is the one for you. Bake up these crackers, spice them to your liking, and serve with your favorite dip. Easy, peasy.

14. Cannoli

Let's switch from appetizers to desserts, starting with my childhood favorite - the cannoli. This recipe from Bakers Royale takes everything you love about the classic and makes it infinitely easier to make at home by using wonton wrappers.

Fill with mascarpone or ricotta cheese and top as you wish, although I'm not sure you can beat brown butter rum topping.

15. Mini Apple Pies

These miniature apple pies pack more flavor than you would expect out of such a small bite. This recipe from Recipe Tin Eats is simple enough to make that they're ready in only 15 minutes.

16. Cream Cheese Bites with Caramel Nutella Sauce

Just thinking about crispy wontons, filled with sweet cream cheese and dipped in caramel Nutella is making me drool!

If you're not convinced that dumplings are for dessert, this recipe from Serious Eats will make you a convert.

17. Cheesecake Wontons

Deep fried cheesecake sounds pretty tasty. Deep fried cheesecake wrapped in a crispy wonton wrapper sounds even better.

This recipe from Barbara Bakes will have your neighbors inviting you to every party, just in case you might bring a batch of these.

18. Peanut Butter Jelly Wraps

Think a PBJ, wrapped up in a delicious crispy wrapper. Drizzle the tops with extra chocolate to make these sweet treats extra divine. This recipe at About Peanuts comes together in a quick 10 minutes anytime you need your chocolate + jelly fix.

19. Brazilian Pastel Cookies

In Brazil, these little cookies are filled with jam and other sweet fillings before being dusted with cinnamon and sugar. This recipe at Our Best Bites uses wonton wrappers so they're extra easy to make (and no less delicious).

20. Cinnamon Sugar Wonton Crisps

If you want a tasty, sweet snack without very much effort, try out this recipe at Healthy Nibbles and Bits. All it takes is your wonton wrappers, sliced into slivers, and baked until they're golden brown and extra crispy. On goes the sugar and cinnamon and snack away!

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