Butter Rum Lifesavers: The Candy Childhood Forgot

Lifesavers, our childhood. Mom would always either pick up the assorted or the 'pep o mint'. We'd wait for the assorted bag. Picking through a value size bag of cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange and pineapple was the best part, and always beat out a peanut butter cup or Hershey bar. When you think of Lifesavers, it's probably that variety pack that you think of, but Lifesavers has a hidden gem: butter rum Lifesavers.

As an adult, the word "rum" always has us saying yum, especially on a Friday. So when we discovered Lifesavers has a butter rum hard candy, we had to try it. Surprisingly the butter rum flavor is one of their best sellers. The creamy, decadent flavor is just what we look for in our adult years.

The 14.5 oz bag is quite hard to find, probably because Wrigley's assortment bags sell the most. No need to put it on your wish list though, because you most likely can find it at your local Walmart or on Amazon. Go for the latter to get a quick two day delivery.

The smooth, caramel color won't color your tongue, although we can't promise that this is any healthier of a flavor. Butter rum Lifesavers do contain artificial flavoring and carbs of course, given that they're mostly made out of corn syrup. Fortunately, all flavors, including cinnamon fire, are fairly light on the total fat, and have very few allergens, so they don't need much of a disclaimer. Customer reviews are always hit or miss, but for us they have a great taste. The Lifesavers butter rum hard candy also makes a great topping for root beer floats.

We love these little candies because they're a great way to quell a sweets craving without gorging yourself on dessert. They even sell individual single packs, making for a good hard candy sharing size.

Now, we know there are tons of other options out there. There are Jolly Ranchers, gummies, Brach, lollipops, and even butterscotch flavored candy. And of course, it's hard to pass up jelly beans and hot tamales. But Lifesavers are just a 'hole lot of fun,' and the butter rum flavor doesn't have too many calories per serving.

Next time you grab a bag of butter rum Lifesavers, save some to give in gift boxes or with gift cards. They're a great treat!

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