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These 10 Burger King Secret Menu Items Are Must-Tries

While it is safe to say that the Burger King menu is already filled with favorites (hello Whopper; hi how are you, chicken fries), there's something so invigorating about ordering something "off-menu". You can never go wrong with a classic burger and fries from Burger King, but sometimes you feel like switching it up, and the menu doesn't have an option that perfectly fits your current cravings. This is when the Burger King secret menu comes in handy. Like Jimmy John's and McDonald's secret menus, you will need to order these by ingredient rather than by name because some restaurants may have no idea what you are talking about.

If you find yourself at your local Burger King with the desire for something that Burger King doesn't exactly serve, or you simply love the idea of being "in the know," the Burger King secret menu is for you. Extra bacon on your burger? No problem! You're a vegetarian with a hankering for Burger King? Get the veggie burger! You want to switch up your condiment game? Go for it! The secret menu opens up a world of possibilities for your Burger King experience that the regular menu can only begin to touch.

It goes without saying, please be nice to the employees. Some of these menu items are not easily made and sometimes employees will not make them for you. Just don't throw a fit, it's not cool.

Ready to test out all of the Burger King secret menu items? Take a look at our top ten picks.

1. Burger King Club

The sub shop isn't the only place to grab a killer club sandwich. This sandwich is technically on the regular menu but served up in a round sesame seed bun. If a sub is more your style simply order an Original Chicken sandwich with tomatoes and bacon.

2. Suicide Burger

The Big Mac is a kid's meal standing next to this monster burger. To order this cheap quad stacker ask for four beef patties, four slices of cheese, bacon, and special sauce. For $3.99 it's a steal, however, it might not be the best for your heart.

3. Rodeo Burger

Sometimes fast food restaurants take note of secret items their guests are ordering and make them permanent menu items. While this bbq sauce burger was only available for a limited time, some locations have brought it back for good in the form of a Rodeo King. If you aren't that hungry, simply ask for one beef patty instead of two.

4. Mustard Whopper

Not a big fan of mayonnaise and ketchup on your Whopper? Next time ask for mustard instead of the normal Whopper sauce topping.

5. Frings

Sometimes it's really hard to decide on french fries or onion rings. Thankfully, all you have to do is ask for half fries, half onion rings, and you'll get the best of both worlds.

6. The Burger King Ham & Cheese

We all have those days where nothing sounds satisfying except for a simple sandwich. When a bacon cheeseburger or grilled cheese won't cut it, order a ham and cheese sandwich on a bun with lettuce and tomatoes. With a price point of $1.99, you can't be mad.

7. The Burger King BLT

Sometimes simple is better! This BK BLT is the new and improved Whopper. Simply order a Whopper or Whopper Jr. and add some bacon. You're welcome.

8. Veggie Whopper

Veggie burgers are huge right now and BK is no exception! Order Burger King's secret veggie whopper to enjoy without the meat. But be sure to ask for a veggie patty, otherwise, they might just give you a Whopper sans beef patty.

9. ICEE Float

What goes better with an ICEE than ice cream? Order your favorite flavor of ICEE and ask for them to top it off with some vanilla soft serve.

10. French Fry Burger

Last but not least, the final menu hack involves lots of french fries. Either on your double cheeseburger or crispy chicken sandwich, ask the employees to add french fries to your burger. If they give you the weird side-eye simply do it yourself at your table.

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