Bunnie XO Reveals Devastating Fallout With Dad Before His Death
(Photo by Catherine Powell/Getty Images for CMT)

Bunnie XO Reveals Devastating Fallout With Dad Before His Death

Fans have come to know the close knit relationship between Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO, and her dad Bill as they rise in fame. Bill comes into the spotlight as he moves in with his daughter and her husband in Tennessee while battling stage IV cancer.

Given the proximity, fans come to know and love Bill as a fighter and a father to one of country's favorite couples. Unfortunately, he passes away back in May. Moreover, in a devastating turn, Bunnie wasn't able to be with her father at the time. Now, she shares the deflating reason why.

Recently, Bunnie releases an episode of the Dumb Blonde podcast. There, she discusses some of the factors that cause the distance between herself and her father at the time. What we didn't know is they had a rough argument before Bill died.

Bunnie XO and Her Dad Argue Shortly Before He Suddenly Passes Away

Bunnie details a rough conversation with her dad that left the two of them on funky terms. "This entire situation of us not talking to each other was because he came to me and told me that his wife was abusing him," she says. "And I — rightfully so, as his daughter — stuck up for him, and he turned on me because of that."

Then, Bill goes to the hospital by himself and insists that Bunnie doesn't know anything about it. Inevitably, she learns from a family member. But she doesn't fret. She knows her dad has been in the hospital plenty of times before. Moreover, she knows her dad is a real trooper.

Unfortunately, Bunnie says she doesn't know how close to death he was and anger begins to fester. She lashes out at her dad's wife Suzanne in particular and how she keeps a divide in the family. ""I texted her, and I was like, 'How dare you take my dad from me, and not only that, but my dad's so sick that the last conversation I'm gonna have with my dad is me being mad at him?'" Bunnie recalls. "...We had words back and forth, and I was like, 'There's a special place in hell for women like you.'"

Eventually, they patch things up just enough for their to be communication of her father's health. However, Bunnie gets a little antsy and doesn't see her dad Bill immediately. She worries that he's still upset and figures the distance is best at the time. When Suzanne informs her to come immediately, Bunnie scrambles to make it. Ultimately, though, she was too late. Her father passes away before they get to connect one more time.